Rafał Jakub Bułdak
Rafał Jakub Bułdak
Department of Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Diagnostics, Collegium Medicum, University of
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Potential role of leptin, adiponectin and three novel adipokines—visfatin, chemerin and vaspin—in chronic hepatitis
M Kukla, W Mazur, RJ Bułdak, K Żwirska-Korczala
Molecular Medicine 17 (11), 1397-1410, 2011
Visfatin affects redox adaptative responses and proliferation in Me45 human malignant melanoma cells: an in vitro study
RJ Bułdak, Ł Bułdak, R Polaniak, M Kukla, E Birkner, R Kubina, ...
Oncology reports 29 (2), 771-778, 2013
Metformin affects macrophages’ phenotype and improves the activity of glutathione peroxidase, superoxide dismutase, catalase and decreases malondialdehyde concentration in a …
Ł Bułdak, K Łabuzek, RJ Bułdak, M Kozłowski, G Machnik, S Liber, ...
Pharmacological Reports 66 (3), 418-429, 2014
Short‐term exposure to 50 Hz ELF‐EMF alters the cisplatin‐induced oxidative response in AT478 murine squamous cell carcinoma cells
RJ Bułdak, R Polaniak, Ł Bułdak, K Żwirska‐Korczala, M Skonieczna, ...
Bioelectromagnetics 33 (8), 641-651, 2012
The ethanol extract of polish propolis exhibits anti-proliferative and/or pro-apoptotic effect on HCT 116 colon cancer and Me45 Malignant melanoma cells in vitro conditions
R Kubina, A Kabała-Dzik, A Dziedzic, B Bielec, RD Wojtyczka, RJ Bułdak, ...
Advances in clinical and experimental medicine 24 (2), 203-212, 2015
Postprandial response of ghrelin and PYY and indices of low-grade chronic inflammation in lean young women with polycystic ovary syndrome
K Zwirska-Korczala, K Sodowski, SJ Konturek, D Kuka, M Kukla, ...
J Physiol Pharmacol 59 (Suppl 2), 161-178, 2008
Exenatide (a GLP-1 agonist) expresses anti-inflammatory properties in cultured human monocytes/macrophages in a protein kinase A and B/Akt manner
Ł Bułdak, G Machnik, RJ Bułdak, K Łabuzek, A Bołdys, D Belowski, ...
Pharmacological Reports 68 (2), 329-337, 2016
Silver nanoparticles exhibit the dose-dependent anti-proliferative effect against human squamous carcinoma cells attenuated in the presence of berberine
A Dziedzic, R Kubina, RJ Bułdak, M Skonieczna, K Cholewa
Molecules 21 (3), 365, 2016
The impact of coffee and its selected bioactive compounds on the development and progression of colorectal cancer in vivo and in vitro
RJ Bułdak, T Hejmo, M Osowski, Ł Bułdak, M Kukla, R Polaniak, E Birkner
Molecules 23 (12), 3309, 2018
Significance of selected antioxidant enzymes in cancer cell progression
RJ Bułdak, Ł Bułdak, M Kukla, A Gabriel, K Żwirska-Korczala
Polish Journal of Pathology 65 (3), 167, 2014
Caffeic acid reduces the viability and migration rate of oral carcinoma cells (SCC-25) exposed to low concentrations of ethanol
A Dziedzic, R Kubina, A Kabała-Dzik, RD Wojtyczka, T Morawiec, ...
International journal of molecular sciences 15 (10), 18725-18741, 2014
Exenatide (a GLP-1 agonist) improves the antioxidative potential of in vitro cultured human monocytes/macrophages
Ł Bułdak, K Łabuzek, RJ Bułdak, G Machnik, A Bołdys, B Okopień
Naunyn-schmiedeberg's Archives of Pharmacology 388 (9), 905-919, 2015
Exogenous administration of visfatin affects cytokine secretion and increases oxidative stress in human malignant melanoma Me45 cells
RJ Buldak, R Polaniak, L Buldak, L Mielanczyk, M Kukla, M Skonieczna, ...
J Physiol Pharmacol 64 (3), 377-85, 2013
Association between hepatic angiogenesis and serum adipokine profile in non-obese chronic hepatitis C patients
M Kukla, A Berdowska, A Gabriel, T Sawczyn, W Mazur, ...
Polish Journal of Pathology 62 (4), 218-228, 2012
Circulating levels of omentin, leptin, VEGF, and HGF and their clinical relevance with PSA marker in prostate cancer
M Fryczkowski, RJ Bułdak, T Hejmo, M Kukla, K Żwirska-Korczala
Disease markers 2018, 2018
Viability and oxidative response of human colorectal HCT-116 cancer cells treated with visfatin/eNampt in vitro
RJ Buldak, M Gowarzewski, L Buldak, M Skonieczna, M Kukla, ...
J Physiol Pharmacol 66 (4), 557-66, 2015
Serum FGF21 and RBP4 levels in patients with chronic hepatitis C
M Kukla, A Berdowska, D Stygar, A Gabriel, W Mazur, B Łogiewa-Bazger, ...
Scandinavian journal of gastroenterology 47 (8-9), 1037-1047, 2012
Hepatic chemerin mRNA in morbidly obese patients with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease
M Kajor, M Kukla, M Waluga, Ł Liszka, M Dyaczyński, G Kowalski, ...
Polish Journal of Pathology 68 (2), 117, 2017
Influence of an extremely low frequency magnetic field (ELF-EMF) on antioxidative vitamin E properties in AT478 murine squamous cell carcinoma culture in vitro
R Polaniak, RJ Bułdak, M Karoń, K Birkner, M Kukla, K Żwirska-Korczala, ...
International journal of toxicology 29 (2), 221-230, 2010
Hepatic chemerin and chemokine-like receptor 1 expression in patients with chronic hepatitis C
M Kukla, B Adamek, M Waluga, M Zalewska-Ziob, J Kasperczyk, ...
BioMed research international 2014, 2014
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