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Reliability assessment of null allele detection: inconsistencies between and within different methods
MJ Dąbrowski, M Pilot, M Kruczyk, M Żmihorski, HM Umer, J Gliwicz
Molecular Ecology Resources 14 (2), 361-373, 2014
Unregulated hunting and genetic recovery from a severe population decline: the cautionary case of Bulgarian wolves
AE Moura, E Tsingarska, MJ Dąbrowski, SD Czarnomska, ...
Conservation Genetics 15 (2), 405-417, 2014
Temporally stable genetic variability and dynamic kinship structure in a fluctuating population of the root vole Microtus oeconomus
M Pilot, MJ Dąbrowski, E Jancewicz, N Schtickzelle, J Gliwicz
Molecular Ecology 19 (13), 2800-2812, 2010
‘True’null allele detection in microsatellite loci: a comparison of methods, assessment of difficulties and survey of possible improvements
MJ Dąbrowski, S Bornelöv, M Kruczyk, N Baltzer, J Komorowski
Molecular ecology resources 15 (3), 477-488, 2015
Ecological factors affecting the diel activity of voles in a multi-species community
J Gliwicz, MJ Dąbrowski
Annales Zoologici Fennici 45 (4), 242-247, 2008
A significant regulatory mutation burden at a high‐affinity position of the CTCF motif in gastrointestinal cancers
HM Umer, M Cavalli, MJ Dabrowski, K Diamanti, M Kruczyk, G Pan, ...
Human mutation 37 (9), 904-913, 2016
Genetic variability of the grey wolf Canis lupus in the Caucasus in comparison with Europe and the Middle East: Distinct or intermediary population?
M Pilot, MJ Dąbrowski, V Hayrapetyan, EG Yavruyan, N Kopaliani, ...
PloS one 9 (4), e93828, 2014
Perioperative analgesia after intrathecal fentanyl and morphine or morphine alone for cesarean section: A randomized controlled study
W Weigl, A Bieryło, M Wielgus, Ś Krzemień-Wiczyńska, M Kołacz, ...
Medicine 96 (48), 2017
Analgesic efficacy of intrathecal fentanyl during the period of highest analgesic demand after cesarean section: A randomized controlled study
W Weigl, A Bierylo, M Wielgus, S Krzemień-Wiczyńska, I Szymusik, ...
Medicine 95 (24), 2016
Global DNA Methylation Patterns in Human Gliomas and Their Interplay with Other Epigenetic Modifications
M J Dabrowski, B Wojtas
International journal of molecular sciences 20 (14), 3478, 2019
Discovering networks of interdependent features in high-dimensional problems
M Dramiński, MJ Dabrowski, K Diamanti, J Koronacki, J Komorowski
Big Data Analysis: New Algorithms for a New Society, 285-304, 2016
Unveiling new interdependencies between significant DNA methylation sites, gene expression profiles and glioma patients survival
MJ Dabrowski, M Draminski, K Diamanti, K Stepniak, MA Mozolewska, ...
Scientific reports 8 (1), 4390, 2018
Maps of context-dependent putative regulatory regions and genomic signal interactions
K Diamanti, HM Umer, M Kruczyk, MJ Dąbrowski, M Cavalli, C Wadelius, ...
Nucleic acids research 44 (19), 9110-9120, 2016
Cytochrome b gene (cytb) sequence diversity in a Microtus oeconomus population from Bialowieza Primeval Forest
MJ Dąbrowski, JJ Pomorski, J Gliwicz
Acta theriologica 58 (2), 119-126, 2013
Genetic variability of the cold-tolerant Microtus oeconomus subspecies left behind retreating glaciers
VH Sládkovičová, MJ Dąbrowski, D Žiaka, P Miklós, A Gubányi, ...
Mammalian Biology 88 (1), 85-93, 2018
The diversity of amphibian species in water bodies of Kozienice Forest
Fragmenta Faunistica 49 (2), 153-163, 2006
Mapping chromatin accessibility and active regulatory elements reveals pathological mechanisms in human gliomas
K Stępniak, MA Machnicka, J Mieczkowski, A Macioszek, B Wojtaś, ...
Nature Communications 12 (1), 1-17, 2021
The role of epigenetic modifications, long-range contacts, enhancers and topologically associating domains in the regulation of glioma grade-specific genes
IE Grabowicz, B Wilczyński, B Kamińska, AJ Roura, B Wojtaś, ...
Scientific reports 11 (1), 1-15, 2021
A non-coding cancer mutation disrupting an HNF4α binding motif affects an enhancer regulating genes associated to the progression of liver cancer
M Cavalli, K Diamanti, G Pan, MJ Dabrowski, J Komorowski, C Wadelius
Experimental Oncology 43 (1), 2-6, 2021
Testing the Significance of Interactions in Genetic Studies Using Interaction Information and Resampling Technique
P Teisseyre, J Mielniczuk, MJ Dąbrowski
International Conference on Computational Science, 511-524, 2020
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