Guoqing Wang
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Cytowane przez
Orientation-independent room temperature optical 13C hyperpolarization in powdered diamond
A Ajoy, K Liu, R Nazaryan, X Lv, PR Zangara, B Safvati, G Wang, D Arnold, ...
Science advances 4 (5), eaar5492, 2018
Enhanced dynamic nuclear polarization via swept microwave frequency combs
A Ajoy, R Nazaryan, K Liu, X Lv, B Safvati, G Wang, E Druga, JA Reimer, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 115 (42), 10576-10581, 2018
Protonation induced high-Tc phases in iron-based superconductors evidenced by NMR and magnetization measurements
Y Cui, G Zhang, H Li, H Lin, X Zhu, HH Wen, G Wang, J Sun, M Ma, Y Li, ...
Science Bulletin 63 (1), 11-16, 2018
Sensing of arbitrary-frequency fields using a quantum mixer
G Wang, YX Liu, JM Schloss, ST Alsid, DA Braje, P Cappellaro
Physical Review X 12 (2), 021061, 2022
Nanoscale vector AC magnetometry with a single nitrogen-vacancy center in diamond
G Wang, YX Liu, Y Zhu, P Cappellaro
Nano Letters 21 (12), 5143-5150, 2021
Coherence protection and decay mechanism in qubit ensembles under concatenated continuous driving
G Wang, YX Liu, P Cappellaro
New Journal of Physics 22 (12), 123045, 2020
Observation of the high-order Mollow triplet by quantum mode control with concatenated continuous driving
G Wang, YX Liu, P Cappellaro
Physical Review A 103 (2), 022415, 2021
First-principles calculation of the temperature-dependent transition energies in spin defects
H Tang, AR Barr, G Wang, P Cappellaro, J Li
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 14 (13), 3266-3273, 2023
Observation of Symmetry-Protected Selection Rules in Periodically Driven Quantum Systems
G Wang, C Li, P Cappellaro
Physical Review Letters 127 (14), 140604, 2021
Characterizing temperature and strain variations with qubit ensembles for their robust coherence protection
G Wang, AR Barr, H Tang, M Chen, C Li, H Xu, A Stasiuk, J Li, ...
Physical Review Letters 131 (4), 043602, 2023
Fast wide-field quantum sensor based on solid-state spins integrated with a SPAD array
G Wang, F Madonini, B Li, C Li, J Xiang, F Villa, P Cappellaro
Advanced Quantum Technologies 6, 2300046, 2023
Solid-state microwave magnetometer with picotesla-level sensitivity
ST Alsid, JM Schloss, MH Steinecker, JF Barry, AC Maccabe, G Wang, ...
Physical Review Applied 19 (5), 054095, 2023
Communication-efficient quantum algorithm for distributed machine learning
H Tang, B Li, G Wang, H Xu, C Li, A Barr, P Cappellaro, J Li
Physical Review Letters 130 (15), 150602, 2023
Solid-state nuclear laser with two-photon pumping
H Xu, H Tang, G Wang, C Li, B Li, P Cappellaro, J Li
Physical Review A 108 (2), L021502, 2023
Digital noise spectroscopy with a quantum sensor
G Wang, Y Zhu, B Li, C Li, L Viola, A Cooper, P Cappellaro
Quantum Science and Technology 9 (3), 2024
Manipulating solid-state spin concentration through charge transport
G Wang, C Li, H Tang, B Li, F Madonini, FF Alsallom, WK Calvin Sun, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 120 (32), e2305621120, 2023
Two-Photon Interface of Nuclear Spins Based on the Optonuclear Quadrupolar Effect
H Xu, C Li, G Wang, H Wang, H Tang, AR Barr, P Cappellaro, J Li
Physical Review X 13 (1), 011017, 2023
Individual-atom control in array through phase modulation
G Wang, W Xu, C Li, V Vuletić, P Cappellaro
arXiv preprint arXiv:2310.19741, 2023
Laser Cooling of Nuclear Magnons
H Xu, G Wang, C Li, H Wang, H Tang, AR Barr, P Cappellaro, J Li
Physical Review Letters 130 (6), 063602, 2023
Blind quantum machine learning with quantum bipartite correlator
C Li, B Li, O Amer, R Shaydulin, S Chakrabarti, G Wang, H Xu, H Tang, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2310.12893, 2023
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