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The external western Balkan border of the European Union and its borderland: Premises for building functional transborder territorial systems
A Ilies, V Grama
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Predictors of changes in travel behavior during the COVID-19 pandemic: The role of tourists’ personalities
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Transport infrastructure and political factors as determinants of tourism development in the cross-border region of Bihor and Maramureş. A comparative analysis
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Tourism in Bihor County, Romania. Trends and Prospects
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Microbiological, health and comfort aspects of indoor air quality in a Romanian historical wooden church
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Forecasting the volume of tourism services in Uzbekistan
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Museal indoor air quality and public health: an integrated approach for exhibits preservation and ensuring human health
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Investigations of the surface of heritage objects and green bioremediation: case study of artefacts from Maramures, Romania
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Opportunities in territorial crossborder cooperation at the EU external borders: Case of Romania
V Grama
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Romanian Rural Tourism between authentic/traditional and modern/contemporary. The case of Crişana and Maramureş area (I)
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The international organisations between globalization and regionalization. Case study: world tourism organization
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Geographical management of a Borderless Area at the internal/external border of NATO and EU. Romanian Case (I)
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Online information premise in the development of Bihor tourist destination, Romania
GV Herman, V Grama, SM Sonko, E Boc, D Băican, LD Garai, L Blaga, ...
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Geographical aspects of space-time evolution of independent states
GV Herman, V Grama
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The coastal fog and ecological balance for plants in the Jizan region, Saudi Arabia
A Valjarević, S Algarni, C Morar, V Grama, M Stupariu, A Tiba, T Lukić
Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences 30 (1), 103494, 2023
The identification, evaluation, quatification and capitalization through tourism of the authentic resources from Crișana-Maramureș with the purpose of elaborating a strategy of …
A Ilieș, DC Ilieș, I Josan, J Wendt, G Herman, V Grama
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The Relationship between Motivation and the Role of the Night of the Museums Event: Case Study in Oradea Municipality, Romania
GV Herman, V Grama, A Ilieș, B Safarov, DC Ilieș, I Josan, M Buzrukova, ...
Sustainability 15 (2), 1738, 2023
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