Jean-Baptiste Ferdy
Jean-Baptiste Ferdy
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Testing environmental and genetic effects in the presence of spatial autocorrelation
F Rousset, JB Ferdy
Ecography 37 (8), 781-790, 2014
Mate choice and human stature: homogamy as a unified framework for understanding mating preferences
A Courtiol, M Raymond, B Godelle, JB Ferdy
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Stochastic variation in the initial phase of bacterial infection predicts the probability of survival in D. melanogaster
D Duneau, JB Ferdy, J Revah, H Kondolf, GA Ortiz, BP Lazzaro, ...
Elife 6, e28298, 2017
When mutualists are pathogens: an experimental study of the symbioses between Steinernema (entomopathogenic nematodes) and Xenorhabdus (bacteria)
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JB Ferdy, PH Gouyon, J Moret, B Godelle
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Multihost Experimental Evolution of the Pathogen Ralstonia solanacearum Unveils Genes Involved in Adaptation to Plants
A Guidot, W Jiang, JB Ferdy, C Thébaud, P Barberis, J Gouzy, S Genin
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Within‐host parasite dynamics, emerging trade‐off, and evolution of virulence with immune system
JB André, JB Ferdy, B Godelle
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Role of Corridors in Plant Dispersal: an Example with the Endangered Ranunculus nodif lorus
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JB Ferdy, B Godelle
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W Le Clec'h, C Braquart-Varnier, M Raimond, JB Ferdy, D Bouchon, ...
PLoS Pathogens 8 (8), e1002844, 2012
Extinction dynamics in experimental metapopulations
J Molofsky, JB Ferdy
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Extinction times and moment closure in the stochastic logistic process
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ALS Gifford, JB Ferdy, J Molofsky
Canadian Journal of Botany 80 (7), 779-785, 2002
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