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Fodder biomass monitoring in Sahelian rangelands using phenological metrics from FAPAR time series
AA Diouf, M Brandt, A Verger, M El Jarroudi, B Djaby, R Fensholt, ...
Remote Sensing 7 (7), 9122-9148, 2015
Assessing the accuracy of simulation model for Septoria leaf blotch disease progress on winter wheat
M El Jarroudi, P Delfosse, H Maraite, L Hoffmann, B Tychon
Plant disease 93 (10), 983-992, 2009
Fusarium head blight and associated mycotoxin occurrence on winter wheat in Luxembourg in 2007/2008
F Giraud, M Pasquali, ME Jarroudi, C Vrancken, C Brochot, E Cocco, ...
Food Additives and Contaminants 27 (6), 825-835, 2010
Estimating regional wheat yield from the shape of decreasing curves of green area index temporal profiles retrieved from MODIS data
L Kouadio, G Duveiller, B Djaby, M El Jarroudi, P Defourny, B Tychon
International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation 18 …, 2012
Effects of regional climate change on brown rust disease in winter wheat
J Junk, L Kouadio, P Delfosse, M El Jarroudi
Climatic Change 135, 439-451, 2016
A threshold-based weather model for predicting stripe rust infection in winter wheat
M El Jarroudi, L Kouadio, CH Bock, M El Jarroudi, J Junk, M Pasquali, ...
Plant Disease 101 (5), 693-703, 2017
Monitoring wheat leaf rust and stripe rust in winter wheat using high-resolution UAV-based red-green-blue imagery
R Heidarian Dehkordi, M El Jarroudi, L Kouadio, J Meersmans, M Beyer
Remote Sensing 12 (22), 3696, 2020
Effects of rater bias and assessment method on disease severity estimation with regard to hypothesis testing
KS Chiang, CH Bock, M El Jarroudi, P Delfosse, IH Lee, HI Liu
Plant Pathology 65 (4), 523-535, 2016
Brown rust disease control in winter wheat: I. Exploring an approach for disease progression based on night weather conditions
M El Jarroudi, L Kouadio, P Delfosse, B Tychon
Environmental science and pollution research 21, 4797-4808, 2014
Plant disease severity assessment—how rater bias, assessment method, and experimental design affect hypothesis testing and resource use efficiency
KS Chiang, CH Bock, IH Lee, M El Jarroudi, P Delfosse
Phytopathology 106 (12), 1451-1464, 2016
Economics of a decision–support system for managing the main fungal diseases of winter wheat in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg
MEL Jarroudi, L Kouadio, M Beyer, J Junk, L Hoffmann, B Tychon, ...
Field Crops Research 172, 32-41, 2015
Disease severity estimates—Effects of rater accuracy and assessment methods for comparing treatments
CH Bock, M El Jarroudi, LA Kouadio, C Mackels, KS Chiang, P Delfosse
Plant Disease 99 (8), 1104-1112, 2015
A comparison between visual estimates and image analysis measurements to determine Septoria leaf blotch severity in winter wheat
M El Jarroudi, AL Kouadio, C Mackels, B Tychon, P Delfosse, CH Bock
Plant Pathology 64 (2), 355-364, 2015
Spring air temperature accounts for the bimodal temporal distribution of Septoria tritici epidemics in the winter wheat stands of Luxembourg
M Beyer, M El Jarroudi, J Junk, F Pogoda, T Dubos, K Görgen, ...
Crop Protection 42, 250-255, 2012
Improving fungal disease forecasts in winter wheat: A critical role of intra-day variations of meteorological conditions in the development of Septoria leaf blotch
M El Jarroudi, L Kouadio, M El Jarroudi, J Junk, C Bock, AA Diouf, ...
Field crops research 213, 12-20, 2017
Everyday geography
F Martin
Primary Geographer 61 (3), 4-7, 2006
Brown rust disease control in winter wheat: II. Exploring the optimization of fungicide sprays through a decision support system
M El Jarroudi, L Kouadio, F Giraud, P Delfosse, B Tychon
Environmental science and pollution research 21, 4809-4818, 2014
Mathematical modelling of non-local spore dispersion of wind-borne pathogens causing fungal diseases
M El Jarroudi, H Karjoun, L Kouadio, M El Jarroudi
Applied Mathematics and Computation 376, 125107, 2020
Operational application and improvements of the disease risk forecast model PROCULTURE to optimize fungicides spray for the septoria leaf blotch disease in winter wheat in …
J Junk, K Görgen, M El Jarroudi, P Delfosse, L Pfister, L Hoffmann
Advances in Science and Research 2 (1), 57-60, 2008
Spatio‐temporal distribution of DMI and SDHI fungicide resistance of Zymoseptoria tritici throughout Europe based on frequencies of key target‐site alterations
P Hellin, M Duvivier, TM Heick, BA Fraaije, C Bataille, A Clinckemaillie, ...
Pest Management Science 77 (12), 5576-5588, 2021
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