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The fungal dimension of biological invasions
ML Desprez-Loustau, C Robin, M Buee, R Courtecuisse, J Garbaye, ...
Trends in ecology & evolution 22 (9), 472-480, 2007
Widespread Phytophthora infestations in European nurseries put forest, semi‐natural and horticultural ecosystems at high risk of Phytophthora diseases
T Jung, L Orlikowski, B Henricot, P Abad‐Campos, AG Aday, ...
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Chestnut blight in Europe: diversity of Cryphonectria parasitica, hypovirulence and biocontrol
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Simulating the effects of a climate-change scenario on the geographical range and activity of forest-pathogenic fungi
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Occurrence and distribution of Phytophthora species in European chestnut stands, and their association with Ink Disease and crown decline
AM Vettraino, O Morel, C Perlerou, C Robin, S Diamandis, A Vannini
European Journal of Plant Pathology 111, 169-180, 2005
The composition of phyllosphere fungal assemblages of European beech (Fagus sylvatica) varies significantly along an elevation gradient
T Cordier, C Robin, X Capdevielle, O Fabreguettes, ML Desprez‐Loustau, ...
New Phytologist 196 (2), 510-519, 2012
Relationship Between Biological Control, Incidence of Hypovirulence, and Diversity of Vegetative Compatibility Types of Cryphonectria parasitica in France
C Robin, C Anziani, P Cortesi
Phytopathology 90 (7), 730-737, 2000
Spatial variability of phyllosphere fungal assemblages: genetic distance predominates over geographic distance in a European beech stand (Fagus sylvatica)
T Cordier, C Robin, X Capdevielle, ML Desprez-Loustau, C Vacher
fungal ecology 5 (5), 509-520, 2012
The chestnut blight fungus world tour: successive introduction events from diverse origins in an invasive plant fungal pathogen
C Dutech, B Barrès, J Bridier, C Robin, MG Milgroom, V Ravigné
Molecular Ecology 21 (16), 3931-3946, 2012
Strategies of attack and defence in woody plant–Phytophthora interactions
W Oßwald, F Fleischmann, D Rigling, AC Coelho, A Cravador, J Diez, ...
Forest Pathology 44 (3), 169-190, 2014
First record of Phytophthora cinnamomi on cork and holm oaks in France and evidence of pathogenicity
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Leaf and root-associated fungal assemblages do not follow similar elevational diversity patterns
A Coince, T Cordier, J Lengellé, E Defossez, C Vacher, C Robin, M Buée, ...
PloS one 9 (6), e100668, 2014
Dominance of natural over released biological control agents of the chestnut blight fungus Cryphonectria parasitica in south-eastern France is associated with fitness-related …
C Robin, S Lanz, A Soutrenon, D Rigling
Biological control 53 (1), 55-61, 2010
Species diversity and drivers of spread of alien fungi (sensu lato) in Europe with a particular focus on France
ML Desprez-Loustau, R Courtecuisse, C Robin, C Husson, PA Moreau, ...
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An evolutionary ecology perspective to address forest pathology challenges of today and tomorrow
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Deciphering the Pathobiome: Intra- and Interkingdom Interactions Involving the Pathogen Erysiphe alphitoides
B Jakuschkin, V Fievet, L Schwaller, T Fort, C Robin, C Vacher
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Multiple introductions of divergent genetic lineages in an invasive fungal pathogen, Cryphonectria parasitica, in France
C Dutech, O Fabreguettes, X Capdevielle, C Robin
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Root infection by Phytophthora cinnamomi in seedlings of three oak species
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Testing variability in pathogenicity of Phytophthora cinnamomi
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Predicting invasion success of forest pathogenic fungi from species traits
A Philibert, ML Desprez‐Loustau, B Fabre, P Frey, F Halkett, C Husson, ...
Journal of Applied Ecology 48 (6), 1381-1390, 2011
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