Roberta Pirazzini
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Surface albedo measurements over Antarctic sites in summer
R Pirazzini
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 109 (D20), 2004
Overview of the MOSAiC expedition: Atmosphere
MD Shupe, M Rex, B Blomquist, POG Persson, J Schmale, T Uttal, ...
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Advances in understanding and parameterization of small-scale physical processes in the marine Arctic climate system: a review
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Overview of the MOSAiC expedition: Snow and sea ice
M Nicolaus, DK Perovich, G Spreen, MA Granskog, L von Albedyll, ...
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European in-situ snow measurements: practices and purposes
R Pirazzini, L Leppänen, G Picard, JI Lopez-Moreno, C Marty, ...
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Surface albedo measurements over sea ice in the Baltic Sea during the spring snowmelt period
R Pirazzini, T Vihma, MA Granskog, B Cheng
Annals of Glaciology 44, 7-14, 2006
Modelling of superimposed ice formation during the spring snowmelt period in the Baltic Sea
B Cheng, T Vihma, R Pirazzini, MA Granskog
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Superimposed ice formation and surface energy fluxes on sea ice during the spring melt–freeze period in the Baltic Sea
MA Granskog, T Vihma, R Pirazzini, B Cheng
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Spectral albedo measurements over snow-covered slopes: theory and slope effect corrections
G Picard, M Dumont, M Lamare, F Tuzet, F Larue, R Pirazzini, L Arnaud
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On the factors controlling the snow surface and 2-m air temperatures over the Arctic sea ice in winter
T Vihma, R Pirazzini
Boundary-layer meteorology 117, 73-90, 2005
Challenges in snow and ice albedo parameterizations
R Pirazzini
Geophysica 45 (1-2), 41-62, 2009
Towards an advanced observation system for the marine Arctic in the framework of the Pan-Eurasian Experiment (PEEX)
T Vihma, P Uotila, S Sandven, D Pozdnyakov, A Makshtas, A Pelyasov, ...
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Measurements and modelling of snow particle size and shortwave infrared albedo over a melting Antarctic ice sheet
R Pirazzini, P Räisänen, T Vihma, M Johansson, EM Tastula
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The impact of radiosounding observations on numerical weather prediction analyses in the Arctic
T Naakka, T Nygård, M Tjernström, T Vihma, R Pirazzini, IM Brooks
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Parameterization of the downward longwave radiation from clear and cloudy skies at Ny Ålesund (Svalbard)
R Pirazzini, M Nardino, A Orsini, F Calzolari, T Georgiadis, V Levizzani
International Radiation Symposium (IRS) July, 559-562, 2000
Effect of small-scale snow surface roughness on snow albedo and reflectance
T Manninen, K Anttila, E Jääskeläinen, A Riihelä, J Peltoniemi, ...
The Cryosphere 15 (2), 793-820, 2021
Factors controlling the surface energy budget over snow and ice
R Pirazzini
Helsingin yliopisto, 2008
Overview: Recent advances on the understanding of the Northern Eurasian environments and of the urban air quality in China-Pan Eurasian Experiment (PEEX) program perspective
H Lappalainen, T Petäjä, T Vihma, J Räisänen, A Baklanov, S Chalov, ...
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Validation of HIRLAM boundary-layer structures over the Baltic Sea
R Pirazzini, T Vihma, J Launiainen, P Tisler
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Spatial and temporal variability in summer snow pack in Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica
T Vihma, OP Mattila, R Pirazzini, MM Johansson
The Cryosphere 5 (1), 187-201, 2011
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