Kimberly A. Pollard
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Evolving communicative complexity: insights from rodents and beyond
KA Pollard, DT Blumstein
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 367 …, 2012
Changing philosophies and tools for statistical inferences in behavioral ecology
LZ Garamszegi, S Calhim, N Dochtermann, G Hegyi, PL Hurd, ...
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Social group size predicts the evolution of individuality
KA Pollard, DT Blumstein
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Time allocation and the evolution of group size
KA Pollard, DT Blumstein
Animal Behaviour 76 (5), 1683-1699, 2008
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KA Pollard, AH Oiknine, BT Files, AM Sinatra, D Patton, M Ericson, ...
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Making the most of alarm signals: the adaptive value of individual discrimination in an alarm context
KA Pollard
Behavioral Ecology 22 (1), 93-100, 2011
The mediating role of presence differs across types of spatial learning in immersive technologies
J Parong, KA Pollard, BT Files, AH Oiknine, AM Sinatra, JD Moss, ...
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M Marge, C Bonial, A Foots, C Hayes, C Henry, K Pollard, R Artstein, ...
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Pre‐screening acoustic and other natural signatures for use in noninvasive individual identification
KA Pollard, DT Blumstein, SC Griffin
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Dialogue structure annotation for multi-floor interaction
D Traum, C Henry, S Lukin, R Artstein, F Gervits, K Pollard, C Bonial, ...
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Laying down the yellow brick road: Development of a wizard-of-oz interface for collecting human-robot dialogue
C Bonial, M Marge, A Foots, F Gervits, CJ Hayes, C Henry, SG Hill, ...
Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence Fall Symposium …, 2017
Assessing agreement in human-robot dialogue strategies: A tale of two wizards
M Marge, C Bonial, KA Pollard, R Artstein, B Byrne, SG Hill, C Voss, ...
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Human Factors in the Scalability of Multirobot Operation: A Review and Simulation
J Humann, KA Pollard
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Prevention focus relates to performance on a loss-framed inhibitory control task
BT Files, KA Pollard, AH Oiknine, AD Passaro, P Khooshabeh
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A free-field method to calibrate bone conduction transducers
KA Pollard, PK Tran, TR Letowski
The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 133 (2), 858-865, 2013
Choosing an event description: What a PropBank study reveals about the contrast between light verb constructions and counterpart synthetic verbs
C BONIAL, KA Pollard
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Changing philosophies and tools for statistical inferences in behavioral ecology
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Need for cognition is positively related to promotion focus and negatively related to prevention focus
AH Oiknine, KA Pollard, P Khooshabeh, BT Files
Frontiers in Psychology 12, 606847, 2021
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