Michał Białek
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The Cognitive Reflection Test is robust to multiple exposures
M Bialek, G Pennycook
Behavior Research Methods 50 (5), 1953–1959, 2018
Dual processes and moral conflict: Evidence for deontological reasoners’ intuitive utilitarian sensitivity
M Białek, W De Neys
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Conflict detection during moral decision-making: evidence for deontic reasoners’ utilitarian sensitivity
M Białek, W De Neys
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Reading Dilemmas in a Foreign Language Reduces Both Deontological and Utilitarian Response Tendencies
R Muda, P Niszczota, M Białek, P Conway
Journal of Experimental Psychology. Learning, Memory, and Cognition 44, 321-326, 2018
Crowdsourcing hypothesis tests: Making transparent how design choices shape research results
JF Landy, M Jia, IL Ding, D Viganola, W Tierney
Psychological Bulletin 146 (5), 451–479, 2020
When in danger, turn right: Does covid-19 threat promote social conservatism and right-wing presidential candidates
M Karwowski, M Kowal, A Groyecka, M Białek, I Lebuda, A Sorokowska, ...
Human Ethology, 2020
Foreign language effects on moral dilemma judgments: An analysis using the CNI model
M Białek, M Paruzel-Czachura, B Gawronski
Journal of Experimental Social Psychology 85, 103855, 2019
Can information about pandemics increase negative attitudes toward foreign groups? A case of COVID-19 outbreak
P Sorokowski, A Groyecka, M Kowal, A Sorokowska, M Białek, I Lebuda, ...
Sustainability 12 (12), 4912, 2020
Can taking the perspective of an expert debias human decisions? The case of risky and delayed gains
M Białek, P Sawicki
Frontiers in Psychology 5, 989, 2014
Cognitive reflection effects on time discounting
M Białek, P Sawicki
Journal of Individual Differences 39 (2), 99-106, 2018
What is the right question for moral psychology to answer? Commentary on Bostyn, Sevenhant, and Roets (2018)
M Białek, MH Turpin, JA Fugelsang
Psychological science 30 (9), 1383-1385, 2019
Side effects in time discounting procedures: Fixed alternatives become the reference point
P Sawicki, M Białek
PloS one 11 (10), e0165245, 2016
No evidence for decreased foreign language effect in highly proficient and acculturated bilinguals: a commentary on Čavar and Tytus (2018)
M Białek, J Fugelsang
Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development, 1-8, 2019
Dual processes and conflict during moral and logical reasoning: a case for utilitarian intuitions?
W De Neys, M Bialek
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Cognitive psychological support for the ADC model of moral judgment
M Białek, S Terbeck, S Handley
AJOB Neuroscience 5 (4), 21-23, 2014
Cognitive abilities, analytic cognitive style and overconfidence: a commentary on Duttle (2016)
M Białek, A Domurat
Bulletin of Economic Research 70 (1), E119–E125, 2018
Can cognitive psychological research on reasoning enhance the discussion around moral judgments?
M Bialek, S Terbeck
Cognitive Processing 17, 329-335, 2016
Introducing conjoint analysis method into delayed lotteries studies: Its validity and time stability are higher than in adjusting
M Białek, Ł Markiewicz, P Sawicki
Frontiers in Psychology 6, 23, 2015
Foreign language does not affect gambling-related judgments
R Muda, AC Walker, D Pieńkosz, JA Fugelsang, M Białek
Journal of Gambling Studies 36, 633–652, 2020
Thinking in a foreign language distorts allocation of cognitive effort: Evidence from reasoning.
M Białek, R Muda, K Stewart, P Niszczota, D Pieńkosz
Cognition, 2020
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