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Cytowane przez
An efficient knn algorithm implemented on fpga based heterogeneous computing system using opencl
Y Pu, J Peng, L Huang, J Chen
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黄乐天, 谢意
微计算机信息 21 (10Z), 70-71, 2005
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J Wang, M Ebrahimi, L Huang, X Xie, Q Li, G Li, A Jantsch
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Non-Blocking Testing for Network-on-Chip
L Huang, J Wang, M Ebrahimi, M Daneshtalab, X Zhang, G Li, A Jantsch
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An amplifier-free pipeline-SAR ADC architecture with enhanced speed and energy efficiency
J Gao, G Li, L Huang, Q Li
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Design of fault-tolerant and reliable networks-on-chip
J Wang, M Ebrahimi, L Huang, A Jantsch, G Li
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Visualnoc: A visualization and evaluation environment for simulation and mapping
J Wang, Y Huang, M Ebrahimi, L Huang, Q Li, A Jantsch, G Li
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Wena: Deterministic run-time task mapping for performance improvement in many-core embedded systems
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A lifetime-aware mapping algorithm to extend MTTF of networks-on-chip
L Huang, S Chen, Q Wu, M Ebrahimi, J Wang, S Jiang, Q Li
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Tolerating transient illegal turn faults in NoCs
L Huang, X Zhang, M Ebrahimi, G Li
Microprocessors and Microsystems 43, 104-115, 2016
A fault-tolerant routing algorithm for NoC using farthest reachable routers
J Wang, X Wang, L Huang, T Mak, G Li
2013 IEEE 11th International Conference on Dependable, Autonomic and Secure …, 2013
Collaborative beamforming for wireless sensor networks with sector-based node selection
W Zhang, H Yang, Z Yang, L Huang, Z Guo
2013 International Conference on Communications, Circuits and Systems …, 2013
An efficient FPGA implementation for odd-even sort based KNN algorithm using OpenCL
H Peng, L Huang, J Chen
2016 International SoC Design Conference (ISOCC), 207-208, 2016
A routing-level solution for fault detection, masking, and tolerance in nocs
X Zhang, M Ebrahimi, L Huang, G Li, A Jantsch
2015 23rd Euromicro International Conference on Parallel, Distributed, and …, 2015
Combating enhanced thermal covert channel in multi-/many-core systems with channel-aware jamming
J Wang, X Wang, Y Jiang, AK Singh, L Huang, M Yang
IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and …, 2020
Optimizing dynamic mapping techniques for on-line NoC test
S Jiang, Q Wu, S Chen, J Wang, M Ebrahimi, L Huang, Q Li
2018 23rd Asia and South Pacific Design Automation Conference (ASP-DAC), 227-232, 2018
Rescuing healthy cores against disabled routers
M Ebrahimi, J Wang, L Huang, M Daneshtalab, A Jantsch
2014 IEEE International Symposium on Defect and Fault Tolerance in VLSI and …, 2014
On countermeasures against the thermal covert channel attacks targeting many-core systems
H Huang, X Wang, Y Jiang, AK Singh, M Yang, L Huang
2020 57th ACM/IEEE Design Automation Conference (DAC), 1-6, 2020
Neural network based seizure detection system using raw EEG data
T Guan, X Zeng, L Huang, M Seok
2016 International SoC design conference (ISOCC), 211-212, 2016
Optimizing the location of ECC protection in network-on-chip
J Wang, L Huang, Q Li, G Li, A Jantsch
2016 International Conference on Hardware/Software Codesign and System …, 2016
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