Artem V. Kuklin
Artem V. Kuklin
Uppsala University, Division of X-Ray Photon Science
Zweryfikowany adres z physics.uu.se
Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Two-dimensional MXenes: From morphological to optical, electric, and magnetic properties and applications
X Jiang, AV Kuklin, A Baev, Y Ge, H Ågren, H Zhang, PN Prasad
Physics Reports 848, 1-58, 2020
Applications of Few-Layer Nb2C MXene: Narrow-Band Photodetectors and Femtosecond Mode-Locked Fiber Lasers
L Gao, C Ma, S Wei, AV Kuklin, H Zhang, H Ågren
ACS nano 15 (1), 954-965, 2021
Hetero‐MXenes: theory, synthesis, and emerging applications
L Gao, W Bao, AV Kuklin, S Mei, H Zhang, H Ågren
Advanced Materials 33 (10), 2004129, 2021
Cyclo [18] carbon: Insight into electronic structure, aromaticity, and surface coupling
GV Baryshnikov, RR Valiev, AV Kuklin, D Sundholm, H Ågren
The journal of physical chemistry letters 10 (21), 6701-6705, 2019
Two-dimensional hexagonal CrN with promising magnetic and optical properties: A theoretical prediction
AV Kuklin, AA Kuzubov, EA Kovaleva, NS Mikhaleva, FN Tomilin, H Lee, ...
Nanoscale 9 (2), 621-630, 2017
Ultra‐Small 2D PbS Nanoplatelets: Liquid‐Phase Exfoliation and Emerging Applications for Photo‐Electrochemical Photodetectors
L Gao, H Chen, R Wang, S Wei, AV Kuklin, S Mei, F Zhang, Y Zhang, ...
Small, 2005913, 2021
Two-dimensional BCN matrix inlaid with single-atom-Cu driven electrochemical nitrate reduction reaction to achieve sustainable industrial-grade production of ammonia
X Zhao, X Jia, Y He, H Zhang, X Zhou, H Zhang, S Zhang, Y Dong, X Hu, ...
Applied Materials Today 25, 101206, 2021
Two-dimensional lattices of VN: emergence of ferromagnetism and half-metallicity on nanoscale
AV Kuklin, SA Shostak, AA Kuzubov
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 9 (6), 1422-1428, 2018
Simultaneous anchoring of Ni nanoparticles and single-atom Ni on BCN matrix promotes efficient conversion of nitrate in water into high-value-added ammonia
X Zhao, Z Zhu, Y He, H Zhang, X Zhou, W Hu, M Li, S Zhang, Y Dong, ...
Chemical Engineering Journal 433, 133190, 2022
Quasiparticle electronic structure and optical spectra of single-layer and bilayer PdSe 2: Proximity and defect-induced band gap renormalization
AV Kuklin, H Ågren
Physical Review B 99, 245114, 2019
PbSe nanocrystals produced by facile liquid phase exfoliation for efficient UV–Vis photodetectors
L Gao, R Wang, AV Kuklin, H Zhang, H Ågren
Advanced Functional Materials 31 (17), 2010401, 2021
Potassium ions promote electrochemical nitrogen reduction on nano-Au catalysts triggered by bifunctional boron supramolecular assembly
X Zhao, Z Yang, AV Kuklin, GV Baryshnikov, H Ågren, W Wang, X Zhou, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 8 (26), 13086-13094, 2020
Optical Properties of Few-Layer Ti3CN MXene: From Experimental Observations to Theoretical Calculations
L Gao, H Chen, AV Kuklin, S Wageh, AA Al-Ghamdi, H Ågren, H Zhang
ACS nano 16 (2), 3059-3069, 2022
Copper confined in vesicle-like BCN cavities promotes electrochemical reduction of nitrate to ammonia in water
X Zhao, G Hu, F Tan, S Zhang, X Wang, X Hu, AV Kuklin, GV Baryshnikov, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 9 (41), 23675-23686, 2021
BCN-encapsulated nano-nickel synergistically promotes ambient electrochemical dinitrogen reduction
X Zhao, Z Yang, AV Kuklin, GV Baryshnikov, H Ågren, W Liu, H Zhang, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 12 (28), 31419-31430, 2020
Structural stability of single-layer PdSe 2 with pentagonal puckered morphology and its nanotubes
AV Kuklin, H Ågren, PV Avramov
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 22 (16), 8289-8295, 2020
Strong topological states and high charge carrier mobility in tetraoxa [8] circulene nanosheets
AV Kuklin, GV Baryshnikov, BF Minaev, N Ignatova, H Ågren
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 122 (38), 22216-22222, 2018
Efficient ambient electrocatalytic ammonia synthesis by nanogold triggered via boron clusters combined with carbon nanotubes
X Zhao, Z Yang, AV Kuklin, GV Baryshnikov, H Ågren, X Zhou, H Zhang
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 12 (38), 42821-42831, 2020
Electronic structure of Li+@ C60: Photoelectron spectroscopy of the Li+@ C60 [PF6−] salt and STM of the single Li+@ C60 molecules on Cu (111)
Y Yamada, AV Kuklin, S Sato, F Esaka, N Sumi, C Zhang, M Sasaki, ...
Carbon 133, 23-30, 2018
A Facile Approach for Elemental‐Doped Carbon Quantum Dots and Their Application for Efficient Photodetectors
L Gao, L Wang, AV Kuklin, J Gao, S Yin, H Ågren, H Zhang
Small 17 (52), 2105683, 2021
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