Daniele Pontiroli
Daniele Pontiroli
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Cytowane przez
Possible light-induced superconductivity in K3C60 at high temperature
M Mitrano, A Cantaluppi, D Nicoletti, S Kaiser, A Perucchi, S Lupi, ...
Nature 530 (7591), 461-464, 2016
Pressure tuning of light-induced superconductivity in K3C60
A Cantaluppi, M Buzzi, G Jotzu, D Nicoletti, M Mitrano, D Pontiroli, ...
Nature Physics 14 (8), 837-841, 2018
Li4C60:  A Polymeric Fulleride with a Two-Dimensional Architecture and Mixed Interfullerene Bonding Motifs
S Margadonna, D Pontiroli, M Belli, T Shiroka, M Ricco, M Brunelli
Journal of the American Chemical Society 126 (46), 15032-15033, 2004
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M Budden, T Gebert, M Buzzi, G Jotzu, E Wang, T Matsuyama, G Meier, ...
Nature Physics 17 (5), 611-618, 2021
Decoration of graphene with nickel nanoparticles: study of the interaction with hydrogen
M Gaboardi, A Bliersbach, G Bertoni, M Aramini, G Vlahopoulou, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2 (4), 1039-1046, 2014
Muons probe strong hydrogen interactions with defective graphene
M Ricco, D Pontiroli, M Mazzani, M Choucair, JA Stride, OV Yazyev
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Superionic Conductivity in the Fulleride Polymer
M Riccò, M Belli, M Mazzani, D Pontiroli, D Quintavalle, A Jánossy, ...
Physical review letters 102 (14), 145901, 2009
Structure and supercapacitor performance of graphene materials obtained from brominated and fluorinated graphites
LG Bulusheva, VA Tur, EO Fedorovskaya, IP Asanov, D Pontiroli, M Riccò, ...
Carbon 78, 137-146, 2014
NMR study of the Mott transitions to superconductivity in the two Cs 3 C 60 phases
Y Ihara, H Alloul, P Wzietek, D Pontiroli, M Mazzani, M Riccò
Physical review letters 104 (25), 256402, 2010
Unusual polymerization in the Li 4 C 60 fulleride
M Riccò, T Shiroka, M Belli, D Pontiroli, M Pagliari, G Ruani, D Palles, ...
Physical Review B 72 (15), 155437, 2005
Reversible hydrogen absorption in sodium intercalated fullerenes
P Mauron, A Remhof, A Bliersbach, A Borgschulte, A Züttel, D Sheptyakov, ...
international journal of hydrogen energy 37 (19), 14307-14314, 2012
Electron paramagnetic resonance study of nanostructured graphite
J Kausteklis, P Cevc, D Arčon, L Nasi, D Pontiroli, M Mazzani, M Riccò
Physical Review B 84 (12), 125406, 2011
Graphene and Selected Derivatives as Negative Electrodes in Sodium‐and Lithium‐Ion Batteries
JC Pramudita, D Pontiroli, G Magnani, M Gaboardi, M Riccò, C Milanese, ...
ChemElectroChem 2 (4), 600-610, 2015
Hydrogen Sorption in Li12C60
P Mauron, M Gaboardi, A Remhof, A Bliersbach, D Sheptyakov, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 117 (44), 22598-22602, 2013
Super-activated biochar from poultry litter for high-performance supercapacitors
D Pontiroli, S Scaravonati, G Magnani, L Fornasini, D Bersani, G Bertoni, ...
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 285, 161-169, 2019
Ionic conductivity in the Mg intercalated fullerene polymer Mg2C60
D Pontiroli, M Aramini, M Gaboardi, M Mazzani, A Gorreri, M Ricco, ...
Carbon 51, 143-147, 2013
Single-walled carbon nanotube reactor for redox transformation of mercury dichloride
YV Fedoseeva, AS Orekhov, GN Chekhova, VO Koroteev, MA Kanygin, ...
ACS nano 11 (9), 8643-8649, 2017
NMR Study of the Superconducting Gap Variation near the Mott Transition in
P Wzietek, T Mito, H Alloul, D Pontiroli, M Aramini, M Riccò
Physical Review Letters 112 (6), 066401, 2014
Synthesis, structure characterization, and evaluation in microglia cultures of neuromelanin analogues suitable for modeling Parkinson’s disease
E Ferrari, A Capucciati, I Prada, FA Zucca, G D’Arrigo, D Pontiroli, ...
ACS chemical neuroscience 8 (3), 501-512, 2017
Spin dynamics at the Mott transition and in the metallic state of the Cs3C60 superconducting phases
Y Ihara, H Alloul, P Wzietek, D Pontiroli, M Mazzani, M Riccò
Europhysics Letters 94 (3), 37007, 2011
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