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How to accurately detect autobiographical events
G Sartori, S Agosta, C Zogmaister, SD Ferrara, U Castiello
Psychological science 19 (8), 772-780, 2008
Modulation of smoking and decision-making behaviors with transcranial direct current stimulation in tobacco smokers: a preliminary study
S Fecteau, S Agosta, A Hone-Blanchet, F Fregni, P Boggio, D Ciraulo, ...
Drug and alcohol dependence 140, 78-84, 2014
The autobiographical IAT: A review
S Agosta, G Sartori
Frontiers in Psychology 4, 519, 2013
Boosting learning efficacy with noninvasive brain stimulation in intact and brain-damaged humans
F Herpich, MD Melnick, S Agosta, KR Huxlin, D Tadin, L Battelli
Journal of Neuroscience 39 (28), 5551-5561, 2019
Detecting fakers of the autobiographical IAT
S Agosta, V Ghirardi, C Zogmaister, U Castiello, G Sartori
Applied Cognitive Psychology 25 (2), 299-306, 2011
The origin of word-related motor activity
L Papeo, A Lingnau, S Agosta, A Pascual-Leone, L Battelli, A Caramazza
Cerebral Cortex 25 (6), 1668-1675, 2015
Brain stimulation over Broca’s area differentially modulates naming skills in neurotypical adults and individuals with Asperger’s syndrome
S Fecteau, S Agosta, L Oberman, A Pascual‐Leone
European Journal of Neuroscience 34 (1), 158-164, 2011
Contralesional rTMS relieves visual extinction in chronic stroke
S Agosta, F Herpich, G Miceli, F Ferraro, L Battelli
Neuropsychologia 62, 269-276, 2014
The pivotal role of the right parietal lobe in temporal attention
S Agosta, D Magnago, S Tyler, E Grossman, E Galante, F Ferraro, ...
Journal of cognitive neuroscience 29 (5), 805-815, 2017
True and false DRM memories: differences detected with an implicit task
M Marini, S Agosta, G Mazzoni, GD Barba, G Sartori
Frontiers in Psychology 3, 310, 2012
The detection and the neural correlates of behavioral (prior) intentions
S Agosta, U Castiello, D Rigoni, S Lionetti, G Sartori
Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience 23 (12), 3888-3902, 2011
How to detect deception in everyday life and the reasons underlying it
S Agosta, P Pezzoli, G Sartori
Applied Cognitive Psychology 27 (2), 256-262, 2013
Human movements and abstract motion displays activate different processes in the observer's motor system
S Agosta, L Battelli, A Casile
Neuroimage 130, 184-193, 2016
Detrimental effects of using negative sentences in the autobiographical IAT
S Agosta, A Mega, G Sartori
Acta psychologica 136 (3), 269-275, 2011
Transcranial random noise stimulation enhances visual learning in healthy adults
F Herpich, M Melnick, K Huxlin, D Tadin, S Agosta, L Battelli
Journal of Vision 15 (12), 40-40, 2015
DAily time use, Physical Activity, quality of care and interpersonal relationships in patients with Schizophrenia spectrum disorders (DiAPASon): an Italian multicentre study
G de Girolamo, M Rocchetti, IMA Benzi, S Agosta, L Casiraghi, C Ferrari, ...
BMC psychiatry 20, 1-12, 2020
High accuracy detection of malingered whiplash syndrome
G Sartori, S Agosta, F Gnoato
Abstract of International Whiplash Trauma Congress, 2007
Prolonged neuromodulation of cortical networks following low-frequency rTMS and its potential for clinical interventions
G Edwards, S Agosta, F Herpich, F Contò, D Parrott, S Tyler, ...
Frontiers in psychology 10, 529, 2019
Report of a delayed seizure after low frequency repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation in a chronic stroke patient
S Agosta, E Galante, F Ferraro, A Pascual-Leone, J Oster, L Battelli
Clinical neurophysiology: official journal of the International Federation …, 2016
“I didn't want to do it!” The detection of past intentions
A Zangrossi, S Agosta, G Cervesato, F Tessarotto, G Sartori
Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 9, 608, 2015
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