J.S. Sandenbergh
J.S. Sandenbergh
Fraunhofer-Institut für Hochfrequenzphysik und Radartechnik FHR
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
A common view GPSDO to synchronize netted radar
JS Sandenbergh, MR Inggs
2007 IET International Conference on Radar Systems, 1-5, 2007
Statistical analysis of simultaneous monostatic and bistatic sea clutter at low grazing angles
WA Al-Ashwal, CJ Baker, A Balleri, HD Griffiths, R Harmanny, M Inggs, ...
Electronics Letters 47 (10), 621-622, 2011
Evaluation of coherent netted radar carrier stability while synchronised with GPS-disciplined oscillators
JS Sandenbergh, MR Inggs, WA Al-Ashwal
2011 IEEE RadarCon (RADAR), 1100-1105, 2011
Measurements of bistatic radar sea clutter
WA Al-Ashwal, A Balleri, HD Griffiths, WJ Miceli, K Woodbridge, ...
2011 IEEE RadarCon (RADAR), 217-221, 2011
Analysis of polarimetric bistatic sea clutter using the NetRAD radar system
F Fioranelli, M Ritchie, H Griffiths, S Sandenbergh, M Inggs
IET Radar, Sonar & Navigation 10 (8), 1356-1366, 2016
Multistatic networked radar for sea clutter measurements
M Inggs, G Inggs, S Sandenbergh, W Al-Ashwal, K Woodbridge, ...
2011 IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium, 4449-4452, 2011
NetRAD multistatic sea clutter database
M Inggs, A Balleri, WA Al-Ashwal, KD Ward, K Woodbridge, M Ritchie, ...
2012 IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium, 2937-2940, 2012
Synchronizing network radar using all-in-view GPS-disciplined oscillators
JS Sandenbergh, MR Inggs
2017 IEEE Radar Conference (RadarConf), 1640-1645, 2017
First measurements with NeXtRAD, a polarimetric X/L Band radar network
S Alhuwaimel, S Coetzee, P Cheng, D Du Plessis, F Fioranelli, H Griffiths, ...
2017 IEEE Radar Conference (RadarConf), 1663-1668, 2017
Investigation of white rabbit for synchronization and timing of netted radar
MR Inggs, JS Sandenbergh, SAC Lewis
2015 IEEE Radar Conference, 214-217, 2015
Experimental coherent networked radar using GPS-disciplined reference oscillators
MR Inggs, HD Griffiths, K Woodbridge, W Al-Ashwal, JS Sandenbergh, ...
Correlation analysis of simultaneously collected bistatic and monostatic sea clutter
R Palamà, M Ritchie, H Griffiths, W Miceli, F Fioranelli, S Sandenbergh, ...
2017 IEEE Radar Conference (RadarConf), 1466-1471, 2017
Evaluating an off-the-shelf white rabbit system to synchronise network radar via optic fibre
S Lewis, JS Sandenbergh, MR Inggs
2017 IEEE Radar Conference (RadarConf), 1657-1662, 2017
Aspects of Next Generation Sensor/Radar Networks
PK M. Weiß, J.S. Sandenbergh, F. Valdes Crespi, P. Müller, D. Bok, M. Kohler ...
2019 20th International Radar Symposium (IRS), pp. 1-8, 2019
Synchronising coherent networked radar using low-cost GPS-disciplined oscillators
JS Sandenbergh
Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment, 2019
A summary of the results achieved by the gps disciplined references of the netrad and nextrad multistatic radars
JS Sandenbergh, MR Inggs
2019 IEEE Radar Conference (RadarConf), 1-6, 2019
A new airborne network concept to improve air navigation safety
FV Crespi, S Sandenbergh, J Schell, D O'Hagan, P Knott
2021 21st International Radar Symposium (IRS), 1-8, 2021
Data Transfer and Communication in Radar Networks
P Müller, M Weiß, JS Sandenbergh, DW O’Hagan, P Knott
2020 14th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation (EuCAP), 1-4, 2020
An Adaptive Distributed Clock for Radar Networks
JS Sandenbergh, M Weiss, FV Crespi, DW O’Hagan, P Knott
2019 International Radar Conference (RADAR), 1-5, 2019
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