Adam Olejniczak
Adam Olejniczak
PhD Student, Institute of Low Temperature and Structure Research, Polish Academy of Sciences
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Benchmarking DFT-GGA calculations for the structure optimisation of neutral-framework zeotypes
M Fischer, FO Evers, F Formalik, A Olejniczak
Theoretical Chemistry Accounts 135 (12), 257, 2016
Two blinking mechanisms in highly confined AgInS 2 and AgInS 2/ZnS quantum dots evaluated by single particle spectroscopy
B Cichy, R Rich, A Olejniczak, Z Gryczynski, W Strek
Nanoscale 8 (7), 4151-4159, 2016
The bright white emission from µ-diamonds
W Strek, A Olejniczak, R Tomala, B Cichy, A Lukowiak, A Zhaludkevich, ...
Fiber Lasers and Glass Photonics: Materials through Applications 10683, 1068307, 2018
DFT calculations of metal-organic I-III-VI semiconductor clusters: Benchmark of exchange-correlation functionals and localized basis sets
A Olejniczak, B Cichy, W Stręk
Computational Materials Science 163, 186-195, 2019
Laser-driven proliferation of sp2-sp3 changes during anti-Stokes white light emission of μ-diamonds
A Olejniczak, R Tomala, B Cichy, P Głuchowski, M Jakimow, A Zięba, ...
Carbon 146, 438-446, 2019
Diaphite, a new type of surface with mixed sp2-sp3 hybridization for adsorption and functionalization
L Radosinski, F Formalik, A Olejniczak, A Radosz
Applied Surface Science 404, 154-161, 2017
Metal-ligand interaction in ternary AgxInxSy clusters–(TD) DFT study
B Cichy, A Olejniczak, W Strek
Journal of Luminescence 193, 79-83, 2018
Light-induced confinement of electrons in stacked distorted graphene layers–a (TD-) DFT study
A Olejniczak, B Cichy, L Radosinski, W Strek
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 19 (16), 10395-10400, 2017
Defects mediated charge disturbance in quantum-confined AgxS/AgInS2 random alloys–Toward slowly decaying quantum dot emitters
B Cichy, A Olejniczak, O Bezkrovnyi, L Kepinski, W Strek
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 798, 290-299, 2019
The impact of nonbonding electrons on the spectroscopic properties of AgInS2 quantum dots (Conference Presentation)
A Olejniczak, B Cichy, W Stręk
Nanophotonics VII 10672, 106721Y, 2018
The Influence of Sub-Wavelength Effective Refractive Index Layer on the Transmittance of LYSO Scintillator
P Modrzyński, A Olejniczak, A Zięba, P Kunicki, M Tomanik, M Wielebski
Acta Physica Polonica A 131 (6), 1565-1569, 2017
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