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Accuracy of medical models made by additive manufacturing (rapid manufacturing)
M Salmi, KS Paloheimo, J Tuomi, J Wolff, A Mäkitie
Journal of Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery 41 (7), 603-609, 2013
Additive manufacturing processes in medical applications
M Salmi
Materials 14 (1), 191, 2021
Inaccuracies in additive manufactured medical skull models caused by the DICOM to STL conversion process
E Huotilainen, R Jaanimets, J Valášek, P Marcián, M Salmi, J Tuomi, ...
Journal of cranio-maxillofacial surgery 42 (5), e259-e265, 2014
Patient‐specific reconstruction with 3D modeling and DMLS additive manufacturing
M Salmi, J Tuomi, KS Paloheimo, R Björkstrand, M Paloheimo, J Salo, ...
Rapid Prototyping Journal 18 (3), 209-214, 2012
A novel classification and online platform for planning and documentation of medical applications of additive manufacturing
J Tuomi, KS Paloheimo, J Vehviläinen, R Björkstrand, M Salmi, ...
Surgical innovation 21 (6), 553-559, 2014
A digital process for additive manufacturing of occlusal splints: a clinical pilot study
M Salmi, KS Paloheimo, J Tuomi, T Ingman, A Mäkitie
Journal of the Royal Society Interface 10 (84), 20130203, 2013
The perceived value of additively manufactured digital spare parts in industry: An empirical investigation
S Chekurov, S Metsä-Kortelainen, M Salmi, I Roda, A Jussila
International Journal of Production Economics 205, 87-97, 2018
Additive Manufacturing in Production: A Study Case Applying Technical Requirements
IF Ituarte, E Coatanea, M Salmi, J Tuomi, J Partanen
Physics Procedia 78, 357–366, 2015
3D printing in COVID-19: productivity estimation of the most promising open source solutions in emergency situations
M Salmi, JS Akmal, E Pei, J Wolff, A Jaribion, SH Khajavi
Applied Sciences 10 (11), 4004, 2020
Imaging requirements for medical applications of additive manufacturing
E Huotilainen, M Paloheimo, M Salmi, KS Paloheimo, R Björkstrand, ...
Acta Radiologica 55 (1), 78-85, 2014
Design-dependent shrinkage compensation modeling and mechanical property targeting of metal FFF
I Ait-Mansour, N Kretzschmar, S Chekurov, M Salmi, J Rech
Progress in Additive Manufacturing 5, 51-57, 2020
Possibilities of preoperative medical models made by 3D printing or additive manufacturing.
M Salmi
Journal of Medical Engineering, 2016
Evaluating the Readiness Level of Additively Manufactured Digital Spare Parts: An Industrial Perspective
N Kretzschmar, S Chekurov, M Salmi, J Tuomi
Applied Sciences 8 (10), 1837, 2018
Implementation of Industrial Additive Manufacturing: Intelligent Implants and Drug Delivery Systems
JS Akmal, M Salmi, A Mäkitie, R Björkstrand, J Partanen
Journal of Functional Biomaterials 9 (3:41), 2018
Effect of build orientation in 3D printing production for material extrusion, material jetting, binder jetting, sheet object lamination, vat photopolymerisation, and powder bed …
M Salmi, I Flores, Iñigo, S Chekurov, E Huotilainen
International Journal of Collaborative Enterprise 5 (3/4), 218–231, 2016
Novel additive manufactured scaffolds for tissue engineered trachea research
AA Mäkitie, J Korpela, L Elomaa, M Reivonen, A Kokkari, M Malin, ...
Acta oto-laryngologica 133 (4), 412-417, 2013
In vitro cytotoxicity and surface topography evaluation of additive manufacturing titanium implant materials
J Tuomi, R Björkstrand, M Pernu, M Salmi, E Huotilainen, J Wolff, ...
Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine 28 (53), 2017
Rapid tooling method for soft customized removable oral appliances
M Salmi, J Tuomi, R Sirkkanen, T Ingman, A Mäkitie
The open dentistry journal 6, 85, 2012
Additive Manufacturing in Offsite Repair of Consumer Electronics
S Chekurov, M Salmi
Physics Procedia 89, 23-30, 2017
Effect of process parameters on non-modulated Ni-Mn-Ga alloy manufactured using powder bed fusion
F Nilsén, IF Ituarte, M Salmi, J Partanen, SP Hannula
Additive Manufacturing 28, 464-474, 2019
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