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The effects of tree species and substrate on carbon sequestration and chemical and biological properties in reforested post-mining soils
A Józefowska, M Pietrzykowski, B Woś, T Cajthaml, J Frouz
Geoderma 292, 9-16, 2017
Survival and growth of alders (Alnus glutinosa (L.) Gaertn. and Alnus incana (L.) Moench) on fly ash technosols at different substrate improvement
W Krzaklewski, M Pietrzykowski, B Woś
Ecological Engineering 49, 35-40, 2012
Tree species and soil substrate effects on soil biota during early soil forming stages at afforested mine sites
A Józefowska, B Woś, M Pietrzykowski
Applied Soil Ecology 102, 70-79, 2016
Scots pine needles macronutrient (N, P, K, CA, MG, and S) supply at different reclaimed mine soil substrates—as an indicator of the stability of developed forest ecosystems
M Pietrzykowski, B Woś, N Haus
Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 185, 7445-7457, 2013
Development of soil chemical and microbial properties in reclaimed and unreclaimed grasslands in heaps after opencast lignite mining
B Čížková, B Woś, M Pietrzykowski, J Frouz
Ecological Engineering 123, 103-111, 2018
Reclamation of a lignite combustion waste disposal site with alders (Alnus sp.): assessment of tree growth and nutrient status within 10 years of the experiment
M Pietrzykowski, B Woś, M Pająk, T Wanic, W Krzaklewski, M Chodak
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 25, 17091-17099, 2018
Fine root biomass and the associated C and nutrient pool under the alder (Alnus spp.) plantings on reclaimed technosols
B Świątek, B Woś, M Chodak, SK Maiti, A Józefowska, M Pietrzykowski
Geoderma 337, 1021-1027, 2019
Carbon sink potential and allocation in above-and below-ground biomass in willow coppice
M Pietrzykowski, B Woś, P Tylek, D Kwaśniewski, T Juliszewski, ...
Journal of Forestry Research 32, 349-354, 2021
Preliminary assessment of growth and survival of green alder (Alnus viridis), a potential biological stabilizer on fly ash disposal sites
M Pietrzykowski, W Krzaklewski, B Woś
Journal of forestry research 26, 131-136, 2015
Reclaimed mine soil substrates and tree stands vs. successional forest floor vegetation: A case study of developing ecosystems on afforested mine sites
B Woś, M Pietrzykowski, A Józefowska
Ecological Engineering 120, 504-512, 2018
The impact of alders (Alnus spp.) on the physico-chemical properties of technosols on a lignite combustion waste disposal site
M Pietrzykowski, B Woś, M Pająk, T Wanic, W Krzaklewski, M Chodak
Ecological engineering 120, 180-186, 2018
Simulation of birch and pine litter influence on early stage of reclaimed soil formation process under controlled conditions
B Woś, M Pietrzykowski
Journal of environmental quality 44 (4), 1091-1098, 2015
Colonisation by enchytraeids as a suitable indicator of successful biological reclamation of post-mining technosols using alders
A Józefowska, B Woś, M Pietrzykowski, J Schlaghamerský
Applied soil ecology 145, 103300, 2020
Relationships between respiration, chemical and microbial properties of afforested mine soils with different soil texture and tree species: Does the time of incubation matter
A Józefowska, M Pietrzykowski, B Woś, T Cajthaml, J Frouz
European journal of soil biology 80, 102-109, 2017
Root biomass distribution in an energy willow plantation
T Juliszewski, D Kwaśniewski, M Pietrzykowski, P Tylek, J Walczyk, ...
Agricultural Engineering 19 (4), 43--49, 2015
Biomass and deformation of the Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) root systems in reclaimed open-cast mining pit and dumping ground conditions.
M Pietrzykowski, J Socha, B Woś
Verifying the Utility of Black Locust (Robinia pseudoacacia L.) in the Reclamation of a Lignite Combustion Waste Disposal Site in Central European Conditions
B Woś, M Pająk, W Krzaklewski, M Pietrzykowski
Forests 11 (8), 877, 2020
Tree species and soil substrate affect buffer capacity of anthroposols in afforested postmine sites in Poland
A Józefowska, J Sokołowska, K Woźnica, B Woś, M Pietrzykowski
Journal of Soil and Water Conservation 74 (4), 372-379, 2019
Assessment of english oak (L.) growth in varied soil-substrate conditions of reclaimed Piaseczno sulfur mine dump
M Pietrzykowski, W Krzaklewski, J Likus, B Woś
Folia Forestalia Polonica 57 (1), 28-32, 2015
Influence of tree species on carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus stocks and stoichiometry under different soil regeneration scenarios on reclaimed and afforested mine and post …
B Woś, M Chodak, A Józefowska, M Pietrzykowski
Geoderma 415, 115782, 2022
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