D.A. (Dessi) Koleva
D.A. (Dessi) Koleva
Assistant Professor, Delft University of Technology, CiTG, M&E, The Netherlands
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Quantitative characterisation of steel/cement paste interface microstructure and corrosion phenomena in mortars suffering from chloride attack
DA Koleva, J Hu, ALA Fraaij, P Stroeven, N Boshkov, JHW De Wit
Corrosion Science 48 (12), 4001-4019, 2006
Correlation of microstructure, electrical properties and electrochemical phenomena in reinforced mortar. Breakdown to multi-phase interface structures. Part II: Pore network …
DA Koleva, JHW De Wit, K Van Breugel, LP Veleva, E Van Westing, ...
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Understanding the adhesion mechanisms between CSH and fillers
X Ouyang, DA Koleva, G Ye, K Van Breugel
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A review on stray current-induced steel corrosion in infrastructure
Z Chen, D Koleva, K van Breugel
Corrosion Reviews 35 (6), 397-423, 2017
Insights into the mechanisms of nucleation and growth of C–S–H on fillers
X Ouyang, DA Koleva, G Ye, K Van Breugel
Materials and Structures 50, 1-13, 2017
Electrical resistivity and microstructural properties of concrete materials in conditions of current flow
DA Koleva, O Copuroglu, K Van Breugel, G Ye, JHW De Wit
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Investigation of corrosion and cathodic protection in reinforced concrete: I. Application of electrochemical techniques
DA Koleva, JHW De Wit, K Van Breugel, ZF Lodhi, E Van Westing
Journal of The Electrochemical Society 154 (4), P52, 2007
Microstructural analysis of plain and reinforced mortars under chloride-induced deterioration
DA Koleva, J Hu, ALA Fraaij, K Van Breugel, JHW De Wit
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Corrosion behavior and protective ability of Zn and Zn–Co electrodeposits with embedded polymeric nanoparticles
N Boshkov, N Tsvetkova, P Petrov, D Koleva, K Petrov, G Avdeev, ...
Applied surface science 254 (17), 5618-5625, 2008
Determination of chloride content in cementitious materials: from fundamental aspects to application of Ag/AgCl chloride sensors
F Pargar, DA Koleva, K Van Breugel
Sensors 17 (11), 2482, 2017
Concrete porosimetry: aspects of feasibility, reliability and economy
P Stroeven, J Hu, DA Koleva
Cement and Concrete Composites 32 (4), 291-299, 2010
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Conventional and pulse cathodic protection of reinforced concrete: Electrochemical behavior of the steel reinforcement after corrosion and protection
DA Koleva, Z Guo, K Van Breugel, JHW De Wit
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Microstructure, surface chemistry and electrochemical response of Ag| AgCl sensors in alkaline media
F Pargar, H Kolev, DA Koleva, K van Breugel
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DA Koleva, K Van Breugel, JHW De Wit, E Van Westing, N Boshkov, ...
Journal of the Electrochemical Society 154 (3), E45, 2007
Corrosion performance of carbon steel in simulated pore solution in the presence of micelles
J Hu, DA Koleva, JHW De Wit, H Kolev, K Van Breugel
Journal of the Electrochemical Society 158 (3), C76, 2011
Polymeric vesicles for corrosion control in reinforced mortar: Electrochemical behavior, steel surface analysis and bulk matrix properties
J Hu, DA Koleva, P Petrov, K Van Breugel
Corrosion science 65, 414-430, 2012
Steel corrosion resistance in model solutions, containing waste materials
DA Koleva, N Boshkov, K Van Breugel, JHW De Wit
Electrochimica Acta 58, 628-646, 2011
Application of PEO113–b-PS218 nano-aggregates for improved protective characteristics of composite zinc coatings in chloride-containing environment
DA Koleva, N Boshkov, V Bachvarov, H Zhan, JHW De Wit, K Van Breugel
Surface and Coatings Technology 204 (23), 3760-3772, 2010
Non-destructive measurement of chloride ions concentration in concrete–A comparative analysis of limitations and prospects
Y Abbas, F Pargar, DA Koleva, K van Breugel, W Olthuis, A van den Berg
Construction and building materials 174, 376-387, 2018
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