Rado (Radoslaw) Zimroz
Rado (Radoslaw) Zimroz
Wroclaw University of Science and Technology; Poland
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
A new feature for monitoring the condition of gearboxes in non-stationary operating conditions
W Bartelmus, R Zimroz
Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing 23 (5), 1528-1534, 2009
Vibration condition monitoring of planetary gearbox under varying external load
W Bartelmus, R Zimroz
Mechanical systems and signal processing 23 (1), 246-257, 2009
Rolling bearing diagnosing method based on empirical mode decomposition of machine vibration signal
J Dybała, R Zimroz
Applied Acoustics 77, 195-203, 2014
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W Bartelmus, F Chaari, R Zimroz, M Haddar
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Mechanical systems and signal processing 46 (1), 16-27, 2014
A new method for the estimation of the instantaneous speed relative fluctuation in a vibration signal based on the short time scale transform
F Combet, R Zimroz
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Selection of informative frequency band in local damage detection in rotating machinery
J Obuchowski, A Wyłomańska, R Zimroz
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STFT based approach for ball bearing fault detection in a varying speed motor
M Cocconcelli, R Zimroz, R Rubini, W Bartelmus
Condition Monitoring of Machinery in Non-Stationary Operations: Proceedings …, 2012
Gearbox condition estimation using cyclo-stationary properties of vibration signal
R Zimroz, W Bartelmus
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Failure analysis of belt conveyor systems for condition monitoring purposes
R Zimroz, R Król
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An inspection robot for belt conveyor maintenance in underground mine—Infrared thermography for overheated idlers detection
J Szrek, J Wodecki, R Błażej, R Zimroz
Applied Sciences 10 (14), 4984, 2020
Informative frequency band selection in the presence of non-Gaussian noise–a novel approach based on the conditional variance statistic with application to bearing fault diagnosis
J Hebda-Sobkowicz, R Zimroz, M Pitera, A Wyłomańska
Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing 145, 106971, 2020
Application of adaptive filtering for weak impulsive signal recovery for bearings local damage detection in complex mining mechanical systems working under condition of varying …
R Zimroz, W Bartelmus
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A portable environmental data-monitoring system for air hazard evaluation in deep underground mines
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Adaptive vibration condition monitoring technology for local tooth damage in gearboxes.
L Gelman, R Zimroz, J Birkel, H Leigh-Firbank, DM Simms, B Waterland, ...
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