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Josephine Cruzat
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Cytowane przez
Dynamic coupling of whole-brain neuronal and neurotransmitter systems
ML Kringelbach, J Cruzat, J Cabral, GM Knudsen, R Carhart-Harris, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 117 (17), 9566-9576, 2020
Awakening: Predicting external stimulation to force transitions between different brain states
G Deco, J Cruzat, J Cabral, E Tagliazucchi, H Laufs, NK Logothetis, ...
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Brain songs framework used for discovering the relevant timescale of the human brain
G Deco, J Cruzat, ML Kringelbach
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Genuine high-order interactions in brain networks and neurodegeneration
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Multi-feature computational framework for combined signatures of dementia in underrepresented settings
S Moguilner, A Birba, S Fittipaldi, C Gonzalez-Campo, E Tagliazucchi, ...
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YS Perl, S Fittipaldi, CG Campo, S Moguilner, J Cruzat, ...
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The phase of Theta oscillations modulates successful memory formation at encoding
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Source space connectomics of neurodegeneration: one-metric approach does not fit all
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LSD and psilocybin flatten the brain’s energy landscape: insights from receptor-informed network control theory
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Whole network, temporal and parietal lobe contributions to the earliest phases of language production
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Cortex 95, 238-247, 2017
The EuroLaD‐EEG consortium: towards a global EEG platform for dementia, for seeking to reduce the regional impact of dementia
MA Parra‐Rodriguez, P Prado, S Moguilner, RA Herzog, A Birba Sr, ...
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Gaming expertise induces meso‑scale brain plasticity and efficiency mechanisms as revealed by whole-brain modeling
C Coronel-Oliveros, V Medel, S Orellana, J Rodiño, F Lehue, J Cruzat, ...
NeuroImage 293, 120633, 2024
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