Rosanna C T Wright
Rosanna C T Wright
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Resistance Evolution against Phage Combinations Depends on the Timing and Order of Exposure
RCT Wright, VP Friman, MCM Smith, MA Brockhurst
MBio 10 (5), e01652-19, 2019
Cross-resistance is modular in bacteria–phage interactions
RCT Wright, VP Friman, MCM Smith, MA Brockhurst
PLoS biology 16 (10), e2006057, 2018
Plasmid fitness costs are caused by specific genetic conflicts enabling resolution by compensatory mutation
JPJ Hall, RCT Wright, E Harrison, KJ Muddiman, AJ Wood, S Paterson, ...
PLoS biology 19 (10), e3001225, 2021
Extremely fast amelioration of plasmid fitness costs by multiple functionally diverse pathways
JPJ Hall, RCT Wright, D Guymer, E Harrison, MA Brockhurst
Microbiology 166 (1), 56-62, 2020
Plasmid carriage can limit bacteria–phage coevolution
E Harrison, J Truman, R Wright, AJ Spiers, S Paterson, MA Brockhurst
Biology letters 11 (8), 20150361, 2015
Evaluation of the Stability of Bacteriophages in Different Solutions Suitable for the Production of Magistral Preparations in Belgium
H Duyvejonck, M Merabishvili, M Vaneechoutte, S de Soir, R Wright, ...
Viruses 13 (5), 865, 2021
Temperate bacteriophages from chronic Pseudomonas aeruginosa lung infections show disease-specific changes in host range and modulate antimicrobial susceptibility
MA Tariq, FLC Everest, LA Cowley, R Wright, GS Holt, H Ingram, ...
MSystems 4 (4), e00191-18, 2019
Ecological conditions determine extinction risk in co-evolving bacteria-phage populations
RCT Wright, MA Brockhurst, E Harrison
BMC evolutionary biology 16 (1), 227, 2016
Eco-evolutionary dynamics set the tempo and trajectory of metabolic evolution in multispecies communities
R Evans, AP Beckerman, RCT Wright, S McQueen-Mason, NC Bruce, ...
Current Biology 30 (24), 4984-4988. e4, 2020
Functional diversity increases the efficacy of phage combinations
RCT Wright, VP Friman, MCM Smith, MA Brockhurst
Microbiology 167 (12), 2021
The evolution of host resistance and parasite infectivity is highest in seasonal resource environments that oscillate at intermediate amplitudes
C Ferris, R Wright, MA Brockhurst, A Best
Proceedings of the Royal Society B 287 (1927), 20200787, 2020
Understanding the structure and dynamics of bacteria-phage infection networks
RCT Wright
University of York, 2018
Antibiotics Limit Adaptation of Drug-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus to Hypoxia
RC Hull, RCT Wright, JR Sayers, JAF Sutton, J Rzaska, SJ Foster, ...
Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy 66 (12), e00926-22, 2022
Plasmid evolution in the clinic
RCT Wright, MA Brockhurst
Nature Ecology & Evolution 6 (12), 1806-1807, 2022
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