Ryland T. Giebelhaus
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The morphoregulatory role of thidiazuron: metabolomics-guided hypothesis generation for mechanisms of activity
LAE Erland, RT Giebelhaus, JMR Victor, SJ Murch, PK Saxena
Biomolecules 10 (9), 1253, 2020
Hydrogel-based biosensors
K Völlmecke, R Afroz, S Bierbach, LJ Brenker, S Frücht, A Glass, ...
Gels 8 (12), 768, 2022
Detection of common adulterants in olive oils by bench top 60 MHz 1H NMR with partial least squares regression
RT Giebelhaus, KT Carrillo, SL Nam, AP de la Mata, JF Araneda, P Hui, ...
Journal of Food Composition and Analysis 122, 105465, 2023
Untargeted region of interest selection for gas chromatography–mass spectrometry data using a pseudo f-ratio moving window
RT Giebelhaus, MDS Armstrong, AP de la Mata, JJ Harynuk
Journal of Chromatography A 1682, 463499, 2022
HormonomicsDB: a novel workflow for the untargeted analysis of plant growth regulators and hormones
RT Giebelhaus, LAE Erland, SJ Murch
F1000Research 11, 1191, 2024
Untargeted and targeted metabolomics to understand plant growth regulation and evolution in Wollemi pine (Wollemia nobilis)
RT Giebelhaus, L Biggs, SJ Murch, LAE Erland
Botany 101 (9), 377-390, 2023
Identification of coronavirus disease marker compounds in sweat with comprehensive two dimensional gas chromatography using multiloop splitter-based non-cryogenic artificial …
N Tungkijanansin, RT Giebelhaus, SA Schmidt, T Nhujak, K Chatdarong, ...
Journal of Chromatography Open 5, 100113, 2024
Microbial Diversity Impacts Non-Protein Amino Acid Production in Cyanobacterial Bloom Cultures Collected from Lake Winnipeg
SL Bishop, JT Solonenka, RT Giebelhaus, DTR Bakker, ITS Li, SJ Murch
Toxins 16 (4), 169, 2024
Discriminating Extra Virgin Olive Oils from Common Edible Oils: Comparable Performance of PLS-DA Models Trained on Low-Field and High-Field 1H NMR Data
T Head, R Giebelhaus, SL Nam, AP de la Mata, J Harynuk, P Shipley
Evaluation of normalization strategies for GC-based metabolomics
SL Nam, RT Giebelhaus, KS Tarazona Carrillo, AP de la Mata, ...
Metabolomics 20 (2), 22, 2024
Antibacterial Activity and Untargeted Metabolomics Profiling of Acalypha arvensis Poepp
V Thesnor, R Molinié, RT Giebelhaus, AP de la Mata Espinosa, ...
Molecules 28 (23), 7882, 2023
Region of interest selection for GC×GC–MS data using a pseudo fisher ratio moving window with connected components segmentation
RT Giebelhaus, AP de la Mata, JJ Harynuk
Journal of Chromatography Open 4, 100104, 2023
A Preclinical Model of Obesity-Independent Metabolic Syndrome for Studying the Effects of Novel Antidiabetic Therapy Beyond Glycemic Control
J Mochel, J Ward, T Blondel, D Kundu, M Merodio, C Zemirline, E Guillot, ...
Authorea Preprints, 2023
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