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Eva Boegh
The Danish Agency for Data Supply and Infrastructure
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Cytowane przez
“Panta Rhei—everything flows”: change in hydrology and society—the IAHS scientific decade 2013–2022
A Montanari, G Young, HHG Savenije, D Hughes, T Wagener, LL Ren, ...
Hydrological Sciences Journal 58 (6), 1256-1275, 2013
A data-driven analysis of energy balance closure across FLUXNET research sites: The role of landscape scale heterogeneity
PC Stoy, M Mauder, T Foken, B Marcolla, E Boegh, A Ibrom, MA Arain, ...
Agricultural and forest meteorology 171, 137-152, 2013
Airborne multispectral data for quantifying leaf area index, nitrogen concentration, and photosynthetic efficiency in agriculture
E Boegh, H Soegaard, N Broge, CB Hasager, NO Jensen, K Schelde, ...
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Combining vegetation index and model inversion methods for the extraction of key vegetation biophysical parameters using Terra and Aqua MODIS reflectance data
R Houborg, H Soegaard, E Boegh
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Evaluating evapotranspiration rates and surface conditions using Landsat TM to estimate atmospheric resistance and surface resistance
E Boegh, H Soegaard, A Thomsen
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Mapping leaf chlorophyll and leaf area index using inverse and forward canopy reflectance modeling and SPOT reflectance data
R Houborg, E Boegh
Remote sensing of environment 112 (1), 186-202, 2008
Incorporating remote sensing data in physically based distributed agro-hydrological modelling
E Bøgh, M Thorsen, MB Butts, S Hansen, JS Christiansen, P Abrahamsen, ...
Journal of Hydrology 287 (1-4), 279-299, 2004
A remote sensing study of the NDVI–Ts relationship and the transpiration from sparse vegetation in the Sahel based on high-resolution satellite data
E Boegh, H Soegaard, N Hanan, P Kabat, L Lesch
Remote sensing of Environment 69 (3), 224-240, 1999
Carbon dioxide exchange over agricultural landscape using eddy correlation and footprint modelling
H Soegaard, NO Jensen, E Boegh, CB Hasager, K Schelde, A Thomsen
Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 114 (3-4), 153-173, 2003
Remote sensing based evapotranspiration and runoff modeling of agricultural, forest and urban flux sites in Denmark: From field to macro-scale
E Boegh, RN Poulsen, M Butts, P Abrahamsen, E Dellwik, S Hansen, ...
Journal of Hydrology 377 (3-4), 300-316, 2009
A Surface Temperature Initiated Closure (STIC) for surface energy balance fluxes
K Mallick, AJ Jarvis, E Boegh, JB Fisher, DT Drewry, KP Tu, SJ Hook, ...
Remote Sensing of Environment 141, 243-261, 2014
Canopy-scale biophysical controls of transpiration and evaporation in the Amazon Basin
K Mallick, I Trebs, E Boegh, L Giustarini, M Schlerf, DT Drewry, ...
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 20 (10), 4237-4264, 2016
Spatial variability in streambed hydraulic conductivity of contrasting stream morphologies: channel bend and straight channel
E Sebok, C Duque, P Engesgaard, E Boegh
Hydrological Processes 29 (3), 458-472, 2015
Instream physical habitat modelling types: an analysis as stream hydromorphological modelling tools for EU water resource managers
J Conallin, E Boegh, JK Jensen
Intl. J. River Basin Management 8 (1), 93-107, 2010
Effective roughness calculated from satellite-derived land cover maps and hedge-information used in a weather forecasting model
CB Hasager, NW Nielsen, NO Jensen, E Boegh, JH Christensen, ...
Boundary-Layer Meteorology 109, 227-254, 2003
Estimation of evapotranspiration from a millet crop in the Sahel combining sap flow, leaf area index and eddy correlation technique
H Soegaard, E Boegh
Journal of Hydrology 166 (3-4), 265-282, 1995
Reintroducing radiometric surface temperature into the P enman‐M onteith formulation
K Mallick, E Boegh, I Trebs, JG Alfieri, WP Kustas, JH Prueger, D Niyogi, ...
Water Resources Research 51 (8), 6214-6243, 2015
Remote sensing of LAI, chlorophyll and leaf nitrogen pools of crop-and grasslands in five European landscapes
E Boegh, R Houborg, J Bienkowski, CF Braban, T Dalgaard, N Van Dijk, ...
Biogeosciences 10 (10), 6279-6307, 2013
Latent heat flux and canopy conductance based on Penman–Monteith, Priestley–Taylor Equation, and Bouchet’s complementary hypothesis
K Mallick, A Jarvis, JB Fisher, KP Tu, E Boegh, D Niyogi
Journal of Hydrometeorology 14 (2), 419-442, 2013
Bridging Thermal Infrared Sensing and Physically‐Based Evapotranspiration Modeling: From Theoretical Implementation to Validation Across an Aridity Gradient in Australian …
K Mallick, E Toivonen, I Trebs, E Boegh, J Cleverly, D Eamus, ...
Water Resources Research 54 (5), 3409-3435, 2018
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