Matthew Chojnacki
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Spectral evidence for hydrated salts in recurring slope lineae on Mars
L Ojha, MB Wilhelm, SL Murchie, AS McEwen, JJ Wray, J Hanley, ...
Nature Geoscience 8 (11), 829-832, 2015
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AS McEwen, CM Dundas, SS Mattson, AD Toigo, L Ojha, JJ Wray, ...
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Opportunity Mars Rover mission: Overview and selected results from Purgatory ripple to traverses to Endeavour crater
RE Arvidson, JW Ashley, JF Bell, M Chojnacki, J Cohen, TE Economou, ...
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Granular flows at recurring slope lineae on Mars indicate a limited role for liquid water
CM Dundas, AS McEwen, M Chojnacki, MP Milazzo, S Byrne, ...
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Persistent aeolian activity at Endeavour crater, Meridiani Planum, Mars; new observations from orbit and the surface
M Chojnacki, JR Johnson, JE Moersch, LK Fenton, TI Michaels, JF Bell III
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M Chojnacki, BM Hynek
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Geologic context of recurring slope lineae in Melas and Coprates Chasmata, Mars
M Chojnacki, A McEwen, C Dundas, L Ojha, A Urso, S Sutton
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Visualization of the living cytoskeleton by video-enhanced microscopy and digital image processing
Journal of Cell Science 1986 (Supplement_5), 1-15, 1986
Changes in blast zone albedo patterns around new martian impact craters
IJ Daubar, CM Dundas, S Byrne, P Geissler, GD Bart, AS McEwen, ...
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Valles Marineris dune fields as compared with other Martian populations: Diversity of dune compositions, morphologies, and thermophysical properties
M Chojnacki, DM Burr, JE Moersch
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Wind‐driven erosion and exposure potential at Mars 2020 rover candidate‐landing sites
M Chojnacki, M Banks, A Urso
Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets 123 (2), 468-488, 2018
Late Amazonian aeolian features, gradation, wind regimes, and sediment state in the vicinity of the Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity, Meridiani Planum, Mars
LK Fenton, TI Michaels, M Chojnacki
Aeolian Research 16, 75-99, 2015
Valles Marineris dune sediment provenance and pathways
M Chojnacki, DM Burr, JE Moersch, JJ Wray
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Boundary condition controls on the high-sand-flux regions of Mars
M Chojnacki, ME Banks, LK Fenton, AC Urso
Geology 47 (5), 427-430, 2019
Overcoming the challenges associated with image‐based mapping of small bodies in preparation for the OSIRIS‐REx mission to (101955) Bennu
DN DellaGiustina, CA Bennett, K Becker, DR Golish, L Le Corre, DA Cook, ...
Earth and Space Science 5 (12), 929-949, 2018
Evidence for episodic alluvial fan formation in far western Terra Tyrrhena, Mars
RME Williams, AD Rogers, M Chojnacki, J Boyce, KD Seelos, ...
Icarus 211 (1), 222-237, 2011
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