Dr. Shenqiang Ren
Dr. Shenqiang Ren
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Inorganic-Organic Hybrid Solar Cell: Bridging Quantum Dots to Conjugated Polymer Nanowires
S Ren, LY Chang, SK Lim, J Zhao, M Smith, N Zhao, V Bulovic, ...
Nano letters 11 (9), 3998-4002, 2011
Towards Efficient Carbon Nanotube/P3HT Solar Cells: Active Layer Morphology, Electrical and Optical Properties
S Ren, M Bernardi, RR Lunt, V Bulovic, JC Grossman, S Gradecak
Nano Letters 11 (12), 5316-5321, 2011
Integrated triboelectric nanogenerators in the era of the internet of things
A Ahmed, I Hassan, MF El‐Kady, A Radhi, CK Jeong, PR Selvaganapathy, ...
Advanced Science 6 (24), 1802230, 2019
Low-Dimensional Hyperthin FeS2 Nanostructures for Efficient and Stable Hydrogen Evolution Electrocatalysis
D Jasion, JM Barforoush, Q Qiao, Y Zhu, S Ren, KC Leonard
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Polychiral semiconducting carbon nanotube–fullerene solar cells
M Gong, TA Shastry, Y Xie, M Bernardi, D Jasion, KA Luck, TJ Marks, ...
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Nanocarbon-based photovoltaics
M Bernardi, J Lohrman, PV Kumar, A Kirkeminde, N Ferralis, ...
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Lattice-matched bimetallic CuPd-graphene nanocatalysts for facile conversion of biomass-derived polyols to chemicals
X Jin, L Dang, J Lohrman, B Subramaniam, S Ren, RV Chaudhari
Acs Nano 7 (2), 1309-1316, 2013
Broad-spectral-response nanocarbon bulk-heterojunction excitonic photodetectors
Y Xie, M Gong, TA Shastry, J Lohrman, MC Hersam, S Ren
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The renaissance of hybrid solar cells: progresses, challenges, and perspectives
F Gao, S Ren, J Wang
Energy & Environmental Science 6 (7), 2020-2040, 2013
Heterojunction photovoltaics using GaAs nanowires and conjugated polymers
S Ren, N Zhao, SC Crawford, M Tambe, V Bulović, S Gradečak
Nano letters 11 (2), 408-413, 2011
Kirigami‐inspired nanoconfined polymer conducting nanosheets with 2000% stretchability
YS Guan, Z Zhang, Y Tang, J Yin, S Ren
Advanced Materials 30 (20), 1706390, 2018
BaTiO3/CoFe2O4 particulate composites with large high frequency magnetoelectric response
SQ Ren, LQ Weng, SH Song, F Li, JG Wan, M Zeng
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Symmetry-Defying Iron Pyrite (FeS2) Nanocrystals through Oriented Attachment
M Gong, A Kirkeminde, S Ren
Scientific reports 3 (1), 2092, 2013
Exceptional performance of bimetallic Pt1Cu3/TiO2 nanocatalysts for oxidation of gluconic acid and glucose with O2 to glucaric acid
X Jin, M Zhao, J Shen, W Yan, L He, PS Thapa, S Ren, B Subramaniam, ...
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Synthesis and Optoelectronic Properties of Two-Dimensional FeS2 Nanoplates
A Kirkeminde, BA Ruzicka, R Wang, S Puna, H Zhao, S Ren
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An all-ceramic, anisotropic, and flexible aerogel insulation material
L An, J Wang, D Petit, JN Armstrong, K Hanson, J Hamilton, M Souza, ...
Nano letters 20 (5), 3828-3835, 2020
All inorganic iron pyrite nano-heterojunction solar cells
A Kirkeminde, R Scott, S Ren
Nanoscale 4 (24), 7649-7654, 2012
Extraordinary photocurrent harvesting at type-II heterojunction interfaces: toward high detectivity carbon nanotube infrared detectors
R Lu, C Christianson, A Kirkeminde, S Ren, J Wu
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Transparent thermal insulation silica aerogels
J Wang, D Petit, S Ren
Nanoscale advances 2 (12), 5504-5515, 2020
Rare-earth-free high energy product manganese-based magnetic materials
K Patel, J Zhang, S Ren
Nanoscale 10 (25), 11701-11718, 2018
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