Mireia Torralba Cuello
Mireia Torralba Cuello
Investigadora Postdoctoral, Universitat Pompeu Fabra
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
The relevance of alpha phase in human perception
M Ruzzoli, M Torralba, LM Fernández, S Soto-Faraco
Cortex 120, 249-268, 2019
Speaker's hand gestures modulate speech perception through phase resetting of ongoing neural oscillations
E Biau, M Torralba, L Fuentemilla, R de Diego Balaguer, S Soto-Faraco
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Multisensory interactions in the real world
S Soto-Faraco, D Kvasova, E Biau, N Ikumi, M Ruzzoli, ...
Elements in perception, 2019
Measurements of the bulk and interfacial velocity profiles in oscillating Newtonian and Maxwellian fluids
M Torralba, JR Castrejón-Pita, AA Castrejón-Pita, G Huelsz, JA Del Río, ...
Physical Review E 72 (1), 016308, 2005
Theta oscillations reflect conflict processing in the perception of the McGurk illusion
L Moris Fernandez, M Torralba, S Soto‐Faraco
European Journal of Neuroscience 48 (7), 2630-2641, 2018
Can the occipital alpha‐phase speed up visual detection through a real‐time EEG‐based brain–computer interface (BCI)?
I Vigué‐Guix, L Moris Fernandez, M Torralba Cuello, M Ruzzoli, ...
European Journal of Neuroscience 55 (11-12), 3224-3240, 2022
Instabilities in the oscillatory flow of a complex fluid
M Torralba, AA Castrejón-Pita, G Hernández, G Huelsz, JA Del Rio, ...
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The phase of pre‐stimulus brain oscillations correlates with cross‐modal synchrony perception
N Ikumi, M Torralba, M Ruzzoli, S Soto‐Faraco
European Journal of Neuroscience 49 (2), 150-164, 2019
The phase of Theta oscillations modulates successful memory formation at encoding
J Cruzat, M Torralba, M Ruzzoli, A Fernández, G Deco, S Soto-Faraco
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Conflict monitoring and attentional adjustment during binocular rivalry
A Drew, M Torralba, M Ruzzoli, L Moris Fernandez, A Sabaté, MS Pápai, ...
European Journal of Neuroscience 55 (1), 138-153, 2022
Fluctuations in Saffman-Taylor fingers with quenched disorder
M Torralba, J Ortín, A Hernández-Machado, EC Poiré
Physical Review E 73 (4), 046302, 2006
Alpha fluctuations regulate the accrual of visual information to awareness
MT Cuello, A Drew, AS San José, LM Fernández, S Soto-Faraco
Cortex 147, 58-71, 2022
Neural evidence of cognitive conflict during binocular rivalry
A Drew, M Torralba, M Ruzzoli, LM Fernández, A Sabaté, MS Pápai, ...
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Long-Range α-Synchronization as Control Signal for BCI: A Feasibility Study
M Esparza-Iaizzo, I Vigué-Guix, M Ruzzoli, M Torralba-Cuello, ...
Eneuro 10 (3), 2023
Occipital Alpha modulates the processing of suppressed visual stimuli during binocular rivalry
MS Pápai, MT Cuello, M Bayer, S Soto-Faraco
Exploring sensory sensitivity, cortical excitability, and habituation in episodic migraine, as a function of age and disease severity, using the pattern-reversal task
A Marti-Marca, A Vilà-Balló, X Cerda-Company, N Ikumi, M Torres-Ferrus, ...
The Journal of Headache and Pain 24 (1), 104, 2023
The influence of temporal unpredictability on the electrophysiological mechanisms of neural entrainment
A Vilà‐Balló, A Marti‐Marca, M Torralba Cuello, S Soto‐Faraco, ...
Psychophysiology 59 (11), e14108, 2022
From brain oscillations to new technological applications: Proof of concept
M Torralba, S Soto-Faraco, M Ruzzoli
PERCEPTION 45 (2 Suppl), 289-289, 2016
Multisensory Integration of Speech and Gestures in a Naturalistic Paradigm
M Matyjek, S Kita, S Soto-Faraco
Exploring sensory sensitivity, cortical excitability, and habituation using the pattern-reversal task across the episodic migraine spectrum: A case-control study
A Marti-Marca, A Vilà-Balló, N Ikumi, M Torres-Ferrus, E Caronna, ...
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