Marcus Bleicher
Marcus Bleicher
Managing Director, Helmholtz Research Academy Hesse for FAIR (HFHF)
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Microscopic models for ultrarelativistic heavy ion collisions
SA Bass, M Belkacem, M Bleicher, M Brandstetter, L Bravina, C Ernst, ...
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Relativistic hadron-hadron collisions in the ultra-relativistic quantum molecular dynamics model
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K Werner, I Karpenko, T Pierog, M Bleicher, K Mikhailov
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Signatures in the Planck regime
S Hossenfelder, M Bleicher, S Hofmann, J Ruppert, S Scherer, H Stöcker
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EL Bratkovskaya, M Bleicher, M Reiter, S Soff, H Stoecker, ...
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M Bleicher, J Aichelin
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Last call for RHIC predictions
SA Bass, M Bleicher, W Cassing, A Dumitru, HJ Drescher, KJ Eskola, ...
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M Bleicher, H Stöcker
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Hypernuclei, dibaryon and antinuclei production in high energy heavy ion collisions: thermal production vs. coalescence
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K Werner, M Bleicher, B Guiot, I Karpenko, T Pierog
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M Bleicher, S Jeon, V Koch
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I Karpenko, P Huovinen, M Bleicher
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Local equilibrium in heavy ion collisions: Microscopic model versus statistical model analysis
LV Bravina, EE Zabrodin, MI Gorenstein, SA Bass, M Belkacem, ...
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Estimation of the shear viscosity at finite net-baryon density from A+ A collision data at s NN= 7.7–200 GeV
IA Karpenko, P Huovinen, H Petersen, M Bleicher
Physical Review C 91 (6), 064901, 2015
Nonequilibrium chiral fluid dynamics including dissipation and noise
M Nahrgang, S Leupold, C Herold, M Bleicher
Physical Review C 84 (2), 024912, 2011
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