Patricia Martinerie
Patricia Martinerie
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Cytowane przez
The Antarctic ice core chronology (AICC2012): an optimized multi-parameter and multi-site dating approach for the last 120 thousand years
D Veres, L Bazin, A Landais, H Toyé Mahamadou Kele, ...
Climate of the Past 9 (4), 1733-1748, 2013
An optimized multi-proxy, multi-site Antarctic ice and gas orbital chronology (AICC2012): 120-800 ka
L Bazin, A Landais, B Lemieux-Dudon, HTM Kele, D Veres, F Parrenin, ...
Climate of the Past 9, 1715-1731, 2013
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Nature 493 (7433), 489-494, 2013
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P Martinerie, D Raynaud, DM Etheridge, JM Barnola, D Mazaudier
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 112 (1-4), 1-13, 1992
Gas transport in firn: multiple-tracer characterisation and model intercomparison for NEEM, Northern Greenland
C Buizert, P Martinerie, VV Petrenko, JP Severinghaus, CM Trudinger, ...
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 12 (9), 4259-4277, 2012
Air content paleo record in the Vostok ice core (Antarctica): A mixed record of climatic and glaciological parameters
P Martinerie, VY Lipenkov, D Raynaud, J Chappellaz, NI Barkov, C Lorius
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 99 (D5), 10565-10576, 1994
Natural and anthropogenic variations in methane sources during the past two millennia
CJ Sapart, G Monteil, M Prokopiou, RSW van de Wal, JO Kaplan, ...
Nature 490 (7418), 85-88, 2012
The chemical composition of ancient atmospheres: A model study constrained by ice core data
P Martinerie, GP Brasseur, C Granier
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Newly detected ozone-depleting substances in the atmosphere
JC Laube, MJ Newland, C Hogan, CAM Brenninkmeijer, PJ Fraser, ...
Nature Geoscience 7 (4), 266-269, 2014
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D Raynaud, J Chappellaz, C Ritz, P Martinerie
Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans 102 (C12), 26607-26613, 1997
Spatial gradients of temperature, accumulation and δ18O-ice in Greenland over a series of Dansgaard–Oeschger events
M Guillevic, L Bazin, A Landais, P Kindler, A Orsi, V Masson-Delmotte, ...
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DR Worton, WT Sturges, LK Gohar, KP Shine, P Martinerie, DE Oram, ...
Environmental science & technology 41 (7), 2184-2189, 2007
Long-lived halocarbon trends and budgets from atmospheric chemistry modelling constrained with measurements in polar firn
P Martinerie, E Nourtier-Mazauric, JM Barnola, W Sturges, DR Worton, ...
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 9 (12), 3911-3934, 2009
Origin of dimethylsulfide, non‐sea‐salt sulfate, and methanesulfonic acid in eastern Antarctica
E Cosme, F Hourdin, C Genthon, P Martinerie
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 110 (D3), 2005
A new multi-gas constrained model of trace gas non-homogeneous transport in firn: evaluation and behaviour at eleven polar sites
E Witrant, P Martinerie, C Hogan, JC Laube, K Kawamura, E Capron, ...
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 12 (23), 11465-11483, 2012
Accelerating growth of HFC-227ea (1, 1, 1, 2, 3, 3, 3-heptafluoropropane) in the atmosphere
JC Laube, P Martinerie, E Witrant, CAM Brenninkmeijer, M Bolder, ...
Atmospheric chemistry and physics 10 (13), 59903-5910, 2010
Isotopic constraint on the twentieth-century increase in tropospheric ozone
LY Yeung, L Murray, P Martinerie, E Witrant, H Hu, A Banerjee, A Orsi, ...
Nature 570 (7760), 224-227, 2019
A 60 yr record of atmospheric carbon monoxide reconstructed from Greenland firn air
VV Petrenko, P Martinerie, P Novelli, DM Etheridge, I Levin, Z Wang, ...
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 13 (15), 7567-7585, 2013
The isotopic record of Northern Hemisphere atmospheric carbon monoxide since 1950: implications for the CO budget
Z Wang, J Chappellaz, P Martinerie, K Park, V Petrenko, E Witrant, ...
Atmos. Chem. Phys 12, 4365-4377, 2012
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