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peter alestrom
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Zebrafish: Housing and husbandry recommendations
P Aleström, L D’Angelo, PJ Midtlyng, DF Schorderet, S Schulte-Merker, ...
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Culturable gut microbiota diversity in zebrafish
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The nuclear localization sequence of the SV40 T antigen promotes transgene uptake and expression in zebrafish embryo nuclei
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Zebrafish as a model to study the role of DNA methylation in environmental toxicology
JH Kamstra, P Aleström, JM Kooter, J Legler
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A consensus sequence for the adenovirus-2 genome
RJ Roberts, G Akusjarvi, P Alestrom, RE Gelinas, TR Gingeras, D Sciaky, ...
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Detection of multiple β‐casein (CASB) alleles by amplification created restriction sites (ACRS)
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Microinjection and expression of a mouse metallothionein human growth hormone fusion gene in fertilized salmonid eggs
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Zebrafish bone and general physiology are differently affected by hormones or changes in gravity
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Protection of Atlantic salmon Salmo salar against infectious pancreatic necrosis after DNA vaccination
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Transgenic rainbow trout expressed sGnRH-antisense RNA under the control of sGnRH promoter of Atlantic salmon
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Natural mixtures of POPs affected body weight gain and induced transcription of genes involved in weight regulation and insulin signaling
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Journal of molecular biology 167 (1), 217-222, 1983
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