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Neural crest–derived cells with stem cell features can be traced back to multiple lineages in the adult skin
CE Wong, C Paratore, MT Dours-Zimmermann, A Rochat, T Pietri, U Suter, ...
The Journal of cell biology 175 (6), 1005-1015, 2006
Fast functional imaging of multiple brain regions in intact zebrafish larvae using selective plane illumination microscopy
T Panier, SA Romano, R Olive, T Pietri, G Sumbre, R Candelier, ...
Frontiers in neural circuits 7, 65, 2013
The human tissue plasminogen activator-Cre mouse: a new tool for targeting specifically neural crest cells and their derivatives in vivo
T Pietri, O Eder, M Blanche, JP Thiery, S Dufour
Developmental biology 259 (1), 176-187, 2003
Lack of β1 integrins in enteric neural crest cells leads to a Hirschsprung-like phenotype
MA Breau, T Pietri, O Eder, M Blanche, C Brakebusch, R Fässler, ...
Oxford University Press for The Company of Biologists Limited 133 (9), 1725-1734, 2006
Spontaneous neuronal network dynamics reveal circuit’s functional adaptations for behavior
SA Romano, T Pietri, V Pérez-Schuster, A Jouary, M Haudrechy, ...
Neuron 85 (5), 1070-1085, 2015
Glutamate drives the touch response through a rostral loop in the spinal cord of zebrafish embryos
T Pietri, E Manalo, J Ryan, L Saint‐Amant, P Washbourne
Developmental neurobiology 69 (12), 780-795, 2009
An integrated calcium imaging processing toolbox for the analysis of neuronal population dynamics
SA Romano, V Pérez-Schuster, A Jouary, J Boulanger-Weill, A Candeo, ...
PLoS computational biology 13 (6), e1005526, 2017
Conditional β1-integrin gene deletion in neural crest cells causes severe developmental alterations of the peripheral nervous system
T Pietri, O Eder, MA Breau, P Topilko, M Blanche, C Brakebusch, ...
Oxford University Press for The Company of Biologists Limited 131 (16), 3871 …, 2004
The first mecp2-null zebrafish model shows altered motor behaviors
T Pietri, AC Roman, N Guyon, SA Romano, P Washbourne, CB Moens, ...
Frontiers in neural circuits 7, 118, 2013
A nonneural epithelial domain of embryonic cranial neural folds gives rise to ectomesenchyme
MA Breau, T Pietri, MP Stemmler, JP Thiery, JA Weston
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 105 (22), 7750-7755, 2008
The emergence of the spatial structure of tectal spontaneous activity is independent of visual inputs
T Pietri, SA Romano, V Pérez-Schuster, J Boulanger-Weill, V Candat, ...
Cell reports 19 (5), 939-948, 2017
Differential requirements of the Fused kinase for Hedgehog signalling in the Drosophila embryo
PP Thérond, BL Bouchon, A Gallet, F Dussilol, T Pietri, M Heuvel, ...
Development 126 (18), 4039-4051, 1999
Mecp2 regulates tnfa during zebrafish embryonic development and acute inflammation
M Van Der Vaart, O Svoboda, BG Weijts, R Espín-Palazón, V Sapp, ...
Disease Models & Mechanisms 10 (12), 1439-1451, 2017
Six cadm/synCAM genes are expressed in the nervous system of developing zebrafish
T Pietri, C Easley‐Neal, C Wilson, P Washbourne
Developmental dynamics: an official publication of the American Association …, 2008
Sustained rhythmic brain activity underlies visual motion perception in zebrafish
V Perez-Schuster, A Kulkarni, M Nouvian, SA Romano, K Lygdas, ...
Cell reports 17 (4), 1098-1112, 2016
Sensorimotor transformations in the zebrafish auditory system
M Privat, SA Romano, T Pietri, A Jouary, J Boulanger-Weill, N Elbaz, ...
Current Biology 29 (23), 4010-4023. e4, 2019
Differential expression of β3 integrin gene in chick and mouse cranial neural crest cells
T Pietri, JP Thiery, S Dufour
Developmental dynamics: an official publication of the American Association …, 2003
Methyl-CpG binding protein 2 (Mecp2) regulates sensory function through Sema5b and Robo2
WY Leong, ZH Lim, V Korzh, T Pietri, ELK Goh
Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience 9, 481, 2015
New transgenic evidence for a system of sympathetic axons able to express tissue plasminogen activator (t-PA) within arterial/arteriolar walls
Z Hao, C Guo, X Jiang, S Krueger, T Pietri, S Dufour, RE Cone, ...
Blood 108 (1), 200-202, 2006
Proteomic analysis of the Rett syndrome experimental model mecp2Q63X mutant zebrafish
A Cortelazzo, T Pietri, C De Felice, S Leoncini, R Guerranti, C Signorini, ...
Journal of Proteomics 154, 128-133, 2017
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