Mateusz Konczal
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Accuracy of allele frequency estimation using pooled RNA‐Seq
M Konczal, P Koteja, MT Stuglik, J Radwan, W Babik
Molecular ecology resources 14 (2), 381-392, 2014
Initial molecular-level response to artificial selection for increased aerobic metabolism occurs primarily through changes in gene expression
M Konczal, W Babik, J Radwan, ET Sadowska, P Koteja
Molecular biology and evolution 32 (6), 1461-1473, 2015
Genomic response to selection for predatory behavior in a mammalian model of adaptive radiation
M Konczal, P Koteja, P Orlowska-Feuer, J Radwan, ET Sadowska, ...
Molecular Biology and Evolution 33 (9), 2429-2440, 2016
Development, validation and high‐throughput analysis of sequence markers in nonmodel species
P Zieliński, MT Stuglik, K Dudek, M Konczal, W Babik
Molecular Ecology Resources 14 (2), 352-360, 2014
Genomics of end-Pleistocene population replacement in a small mammal
P Kotlík, S Marková, M Konczal, W Babik, JB Searle
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 285 (1872), 20172624, 2018
Navigating the temporal continuum of effective population size
K Nadachowska‐Brzyska, M Konczal, W Babik
Methods in Ecology and Evolution 13 (1), 22-41, 2022
Transcriptomics of intralocus sexual conflict: gene expression patterns in females change in response to selection on a male secondary sexual trait in the bulb mite
R Joag, M Stuglik, M Konczal, A Plesnar-Bielak, A Skrzynecka, W Babik, ...
Genome Biology and Evolution 8 (8), 2351-2357, 2016
De novo transcriptome assembly facilitates characterisation of fast-evolving gene families, MHC class I in the bank vole (Myodes glareolus)
M Migalska, A Sebastian, M Konczal, P Kotlík, J Radwan
Heredity 118 (4), 348-357, 2017
RNA‐Seq analysis of the guppy immune response against Gyrodactylus bullatarudis infection
M Konczal, AR Ellison, KP Phillips, J Radwan, RS Mohammed, J Cable, ...
Parasite Immunology 42 (12), e12782, 2020
Gene duplications, divergence and recombination shape adaptive evolution of the fish ectoparasite Gyrodactylus bullatarudis
M Konczal, KJ Przesmycka, RS Mohammed, KP Phillips, F Camara, ...
Molecular ecology 29 (8), 1494-1507, 2020
Genomic evidence that a sexually selected trait captures genome-wide variation and facilitates the purging of genetic load
JM Parrett, S Chmielewski, E Aydogdu, A Łukasiewicz, S Rombauts, ...
Nature Ecology & Evolution 6 (9), 1330-1342, 2022
Shoaling guppies evade predation but have deadlier parasites
JC Walsman, MJ Janecka, DR Clark, RD Kramp, F Rovenolt, R Patrick, ...
Nature Ecology & Evolution 6 (7), 945-954, 2022
Expansion of frozen hybrids in the guppy ectoparasite, Gyrodactylus turnbulli
M Konczal, KJ Przesmycka, RS Mohammed, C Hahn, J Cable, J Radwan
Molecular ecology 30 (4), 1005-1016, 2021
Effective specialist or jack of all trades? Experimental evolution of a crop pest in fluctuating and stable environments
A Skoracka, A Laska, J Radwan, M Konczal, M Lewandowski, ...
Evolutionary Applications 15 (10), 1639-1652, 2022
Genomika adaptacji
M Konczal
Kosmos 62 (1), 13-29, 2013
Different waves of postglacial recolonisation and genomic structure of bank vole populations in NE Poland
M Niedziałkowska, E Tarnowska, W Babik, M Konczal, K Gharbi, T Cezard, ...
Heredity 130 (5), 269-277, 2023
Validation of machine learning approach for direct mutation rate estimation
K Burda, M Konczal
Molecular Ecology Resources, 2023
Has recombination changed during the recent evolution of the guppy Y chromosome?
D Charlesworth, S Qiu, R Bergero, J Gardner, K Keegan, M Konczal
bioRxiv, 2023.05. 17.541215, 2023
Transcriptomics of differences in thermal plasticity associated with selection for an exaggerated male sexual trait
A Plesnar-Bielak, JM Parrett, S Chmielewski, K Dudek, A Łukasiewicz, ...
Germline mutation rate in guppies (Poecilia retuculata) confirms a low mutation rate in teleost fishes
K Burda, M Konczal
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