Cecilia Rita Spampinato
Cecilia Rita Spampinato
University of Catania
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Tidal notches in Mediterranean Sea: a comprehensive analysis
F Antonioli, VL Presti, A Rovere, L Ferranti, M Anzidei, S Furlani, ...
Quaternary Science Reviews 119, 66-84, 2015
Uplifted Holocene shorelines at Capo Milazzo (NE Sicily, Italy): evidence of co-seismic and steady-state deformation
G Scicchitano, CR Spampinato, L Ferranti, F Antonioli, C Monaco, ...
Quaternary International 232 (1-2), 201-213, 2011
The contribution of tectonics to relative sea-level change during the Holocene in coastal south-eastern Sicily: New data from boreholes
CR Spampinato, B Costa, A Di Stefano, C Monaco, G Scicchitano
Quaternary International 232 (1-2), 214-227, 2011
Terrestrial Laser Scanner techniques in the assessment of tsunami impact on the Maddalena peninsula (south-eastern Sicily, Italy)
G Scicchitano, C Pignatelli, CR Spampinato, A Piscitelli, M Milella, ...
Earth, planets and space 64 (10), 889-903, 2012
Raised Holocene paleo-shorelines along the Capo Schisò coast, Taormina: New evidence of recent co-seismic deformation in northeastern Sicily (Italy)
CR Spampinato, G Scicchitano, L Ferranti, C Monaco
Journal of Geodynamics, 2012
Millstones as indicators of relative sea-level changes in northern Sicily and southern Calabria coastlines, Italy
G Scicchitano, VL Presti, CR Spampinato, MG Morticelli, F Antonioli, ...
Quaternary International 232 (1-2), 92-104, 2011
Regional deformation and offshore crustal local faulting as combined processes to explain uplift through time constrained by investigating differentially uplifted late …
M Meschis, G Scicchitano, GP Roberts, J Robertson, G Barreca, ...
Tectonics 39 (12), e2020TC006187, 2020
Raised Holocene paleo-shorelines along the Capo Vaticano coast (western Calabria, Italy): Evidence of co-seismic and steady-state deformation
CR Spampinato, L Ferranti, C Monaco, G Scicchitano, F Antonioli
Journal of Geodynamics 82, 178-193, 2014
Millstone coastal quarries of the Mediterranean: A new class of sea level indicator
VL Presti, F Antonioli, R Auriemma, A Ronchitelli, G Scicchitano, ...
Quaternary International 332, 126-142, 2014
Analysis of vertical movements in eastern Sicily and southern Calabria (Italy) through geodetic leveling data
CR Spampinato, C Braitenberg, C Monaco, G Scicchitano
Journal of Geodynamics 66, 1-12, 2013
Sacred landscapes and changing sea levels: New interdisciplinary data from the Early Neolithic to the present in south-eastern Sicily
G Scicchitano, EFC Berlinghieri, F Antonioli, CR Spampinato, C Monaco
Under the Sea: Archaeology and Palaeolandscapes of the Continental Shelf …, 2017
Anomolous multi-origin marine notch sites: Three case studies in the central Mediterranean Sea
F Antonioli, M Anzidei, VL Presti, G Scicchitano, CR Spampinato, ...
Quaternary International 439, 4-16, 2017
Millstone quarries along the Mediterranean coast: Chronology, morphological variability and relationships with past sea levels
F Antonioli, N Mourtzas, M Anzidei, R Auriemma, E Galili, E Kolaiti, ...
Quaternary International 439, 102-116, 2017
Comparing ancient quarries in stable and slowly uplifting coastal area located in Eastern Sicily, Italy
G Scicchitano, CR Spampinato, F Antonioli, M Anzidei, VL Presti, ...
Geogr. Fis. Din. Quat 41, 81-92, 2018
Uplifted Late Holocene shorelines along the coasts of the Calabrian Arc: geodynamic and seismotectonic implications
L Ferranti, F Antonioli, G Scicchitano, CR Spampinato
Italian Journal of Geosciences 136 (3), 454-470, 2017
Reply to comment by Evelpidu N., and Pirazzoli P. on" Tidal notches in the Mediterranean sea: A comprehensive analysis"
F Antonioli, VL Presti, A Rovere, L Ferranti, M Anzidei, S Furlani, ...
Quaternary Science Reviews 131, 238-241, 2016
Cave costiere di macine in Italia: nuove evidenze e ipotesi cronologica
A Rita
Arqueología de la Construcción IV, 2014
Holocene co-seismic deformation at Capo Vaticano (Calabria): new data from raised paleo-shorelines
CR Spampinato, F Antonioli, L Ferranti, C Monaco, G Scicchitano
Sergio Silenzi (1969–2012)
F Antonioli, R Auriemma, M Anzidei, E Bard, R Chemello, F Chiocci, ...
Quat Int 332 (1), 2014
Holocene coastal uplift at Capo Vaticano, Calabria: implications for differential deformation rates.
L Ferranti, G Scicchitano, CR Spampinato, F Antonioli, C Monaco
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