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Javier Aoiz
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Product rotational polarization in photon‐initiated bimolecular reactions
FJ Aoiz, M Brouard, PA Enriquez
The Journal of chemical physics 105 (12), 4964-4982, 1996
Quasiclassical state to state reaction cross sections for D+H2(v=0, j=0)→HD(v’,j’)+H. Formation and characteristics of short‐lived collision complexes
FJ Aoiz, VJ Herrero, V Sáez Rábanos
The Journal of chemical physics 97 (10), 7423-7436, 1992
Astronomical identification of CN-, the smallest observed molecular anion
M Agúndez, J Cernicharo, M Guélin, C Kahane, E Roueff, J Kłos, FJ Aoiz, ...
Astronomy & Astrophysics 517, L2, 2010
Recent results from quasiclassical trajectory computations of elementary chemical reactions
FJ Aoiz, L Bañares, VJ Herrero
Journal of the Chemical Society, Faraday Transactions 94 (17), 2483-2500, 1998
Quantum mechanical and quasi-classical trajectory study of the reaction dynamics
L Banares, FJ Aoiz, P Honvault, B Bussery-Honvault, JM Launay
The Journal of chemical physics 118 (2), 565-568, 2003
Experimental Studies and Theoretical Predictions for the H + D2 → HD + D Reaction
L Schnieder, K Seekamp-Rahn, J Borkowski, E Wrede, KH Welge, FJ Aoiz, ...
Science 269 (5221), 207-210, 1995
Experimental studies and theoretical predictions for the H+D2->HD+D reaction
REW L. Schnieder, K. Seekamp-Rahn, J. Borkowski, E. Wrede, K. H. Welge, F. J ...
Science 269, 207-210, 1995
Classical dynamics for the F+ H2→ HF+ H reaction on a new ab initio potential energy surface. A direct comparison with experiment
FJ Aoiz, L Bañares, VJ Herrero, VS Rábanos, K Stark, HJ Werner
Chemical physics letters 223 (3), 215-226, 1994
The H+H2 reactive system. Progress in the study of the dynamics of the simplest reaction
FJ Aoiz*, L Bañares, VJ Herrero
International Reviews in Physical Chemistry 24 (1), 119-190, 2005
A unified quantal and classical description of the stereodynamics of elementary chemical reactions: State-resolved k–k′–j′ vector correlation for the H+ D 2 (v= 0, j= 0) reaction
MP de Miranda, FJ Aoiz, L Bañares, VS Rábanos
The Journal of chemical physics 111 (12), 5368-5383, 1999
Chemical Reaction Rates from Ring Polymer Molecular Dynamics: Zero Point Energy Conservation in Mu + H2 → MuH + H
R Perez de Tudela, FJ Aoiz, YV Suleimanov, DE Manolopoulos
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 3 (4), 493-497, 2012
Chemical reaction rate coefficients from ring polymer molecular dynamics: Theory and practical applications
YV Suleimanov, FJ Aoiz, H Guo
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 120 (43), 8488-8502, 2016
Dynamics of the simplest chlorine atom reaction: An experimental and theoretical study
M Alagia, N Balucani, L Cartechini, P Casavecchia, EH Van Kleef, ...
Science 273 (5281), 1519-1522, 1996
Quantum Effects in the Differential Cross Sections for the Insertion Reaction N (D 2)+ H 2
N Balucani, L Cartechini, G Capozza, E Segoloni, P Casavecchia, ...
Physical review letters 89 (1), 013201, 2002
Analysis of product Doppler-broadened profiles generated from photoinitiated bimolecular reactions
FJ Aoiz, M Brouard, PA Enriquez, R Sayos
Journal of the Chemical Society, Faraday Transactions 89 (10), 1427-1434, 1993
Interference structures in the differential cross-sections for inelastic scattering of NO by Ar
CJ Eyles, M Brouard, CH Yang, J Kłos, FJ Aoiz, A Gijsbertsen, ...
Nature chemistry 3 (8), 597-602, 2011
Insertion and Abstraction Pathways in the Reaction O (D 2 1)+ H 2→ O H+ H
FJ Aoiz, L Bañares, JF Castillo, M Brouard, W Denzer, C Vallance, ...
Physical review letters 86 (9), 1729, 2001
Experimental and theoretical differential cross sections for the N (2D)+ H2 reaction
N Balucani, P Casavecchia, L Banares, FJ Aoiz, T Gonzalez-Lezana, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 110 (2), 817-829, 2006
The F+HD→DF(HF)+H(D) reaction revisited: Quasiclassical trajectory study on an ab initio potential energy surface and comparison with molecular beam …
FJ Aoiz, L Bañares, VJ Herrero, V Sáez Rábanos, K Stark, HJ Werner
The Journal of chemical physics 102 (23), 9248-9262, 1995
How reactants polarization can be used to change and unravel chemical reactivity
J Aldegunde, MP de Miranda, JM Haigh, BK Kendrick, V Sáez-Rábanos, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 109 (28), 6200-6217, 2005
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