Noemi Proietti
Noemi Proietti
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Geographical characterization of Italian extra virgin olive oils using high-field 1H NMR spectroscopy
L Mannina, M Patumi, N Proietti, D Bassi, AL Segre
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 49 (6), 2687-2696, 2001
Nuclear magnetic resonance to characterize and monitor cultural heritage
D Capitani, V Di Tullio, N Proietti
Progress in nuclear Magnetic resonance Spectroscopy 64, 29-69, 2012
Physical–chemical characterisation of acrylic polymers grafted on cellulose
S Margutti, S Vicini, N Proietti, D Capitani, G Conio, E Pedemonte, ...
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Grafting polymerization on cellulose based textiles: a 13C solid state NMR characterization
E Princi, S Vicini, N Proietti, D Capitani
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Noninvasive and nondestructive NMR, Raman and XRF analysis of a Blaeu coloured map from the seventeenth century
K Castro, S Pessanha, N Proietti, E Princi, D Capitani, ML Carvalho, ...
Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry 391 (1), 433-441, 2008
Monitoring degradation in paper: non-invasive analysis by unilateral NMR. Part II
N Proietti, D Capitani, E Pedemonte, B Blümich, AL Segre
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Monitoring of metabolic profiling and water status of Hayward kiwifruits by nuclear magnetic resonance
D Capitani, L Mannina, N Proietti, AP Sobolev, A Tomassini, A Miccheli, ...
Talanta 82 (5), 1826-1838, 2010
NMR methodologies in the analysis of blueberries
D Capitani, AP Sobolev, M Delfini, S Vista, R Antiochia, N Proietti, ...
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In situ investigation of leaf water status by portable unilateral nuclear magnetic resonance
D Capitani, F Brilli, L Mannina, N Proietti, F Loreto
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In situ and frontal polymerization for the consolidation of porous stones: a unilateral NMR and magnetic resonance imaging study
N Proietti, D Capitani, S Cozzolino, M Valentini, E Pedemonte, E Princi, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 110 (47), 23719-23728, 2006
Analysis of a coloured Dutch map from the eighteenth century: the need for a multi-analytical spectroscopic approach using portable instrumentation
K Castro, N Proietti, E Princi, S Pessanha, ML Carvalho, S Vicini, ...
Analytica chimica acta 623 (2), 187-194, 2008
NMR study of water-filled pores in one of the most widely used polymeric material: The paper
D Capitani, N Proietti, F Ziarelli, AL Segre
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Untargeted NMR-based methodology in the study of fruit metabolites
AP Sobolev, L Mannina, N Proietti, S Carradori, M Daglia, AM Giusti, ...
Molecules 20 (3), 4088-4108, 2015
Non-destructive mapping of dampness and salts in degraded wall paintings in hypogeous buildings: the case of St. Clement at mass fresco in St. Clement Basilica, Rome
V Di Tullio, N Proietti, M Gobbino, D Capitani, R Olmi, S Priori, C Riminesi, ...
Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry 396 (5), 1885-1896, 2010
On The Micro‐Phase Separation in Waterborne Polyurethanes
E Princi, S Vicini, K Castro, D Capitani, N Proietti, L Mannina
Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics 210 (10), 879-889, 2009
Fresco paintings studied by unilateral NMR
N Proietti, D Capitani, R Lamanna, F Presciutti, E Rossi, AL Segre
Journal of Magnetic Resonance 177 (1), 111-117, 2005
Xylem morphology determines the drought response of two Arundo donax ecotypes from contrasting habitats
M Haworth, M Centritto, A Giovannelli, G Marino, N Proietti, D Capitani, ...
Gcb Bioenergy 9 (1), 119-131, 2017
Unilateral NMR study of a XVI century wall painted
N Proietti, D Capitani, E Rossi, S Cozzolino, AL Segre
Journal of Magnetic Resonance 186 (2), 311-318, 2007
Influence of the Polymer Molecular Weight on the Surfactant− Polymer Interactions: LiPFN− PVP and SDS− PVP Systems
B Sesta, A D'Aprano, AL Segre, N Proietti
Langmuir 13 (25), 6612-6617, 1997
H NMR, Surface Tension, Viscosity, and Volume Evidence of Micelle−Polymer Hydrophobic Interactions:  LiPFN−PVP System
B Sesta, AL Segre, A D'Aprano, N Proietti
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 101 (2), 198-204, 1997
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