Mohammed A M Abdullah
Mohammed A M Abdullah
Assistant Professor, Ninevah University, Iraq. PhD, SMIEEE, AFHEA UK
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Robust Iris Segmentation Method Based on a New Active Contour Force With a Noncircular Normalization
MAM Abdullah, SS Dlay, WL Woo, JA Chambers
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Multi-gradient features and elongated quinary pattern encoding for image-based facial expression recognition
SAM Al-Sumaidaee, MAM Abdullah, RRO Al-Nima, SS Dlay, ...
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Finger texture biometric verification exploiting multi-scale sobel angles local binary pattern features and score-based fusion
RRO Al-Nima, MAM Abdullah, MTS Al-Kaltakchi, SS Dlay, WL Woo, ...
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A Framework for Iris Biometrics Protection: A Marriage between Watermarking and Visual Cryptography
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Smart card with iris recognition for high security access environment
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Fast and Accurate Method for Complete Iris Segmentation with Active Contour and Morphology
MAM Abdullah, SS Dlay, WL Woo
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Securing Iris Images with a Robust Watermarking Algorithm based on Discrete Cosine Transform
MAM Abdullah, SS Dlay, WL Woo
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Iris Biometric: Is the Near-Infrared Spectrum always the Best?
MAM Abdullah, JA Chambers, WL Woo, SS Dlay
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Enhanced Secrecy Performance of Multihop IoT Networks with Cooperative Hybrid-Duplex Jamming
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Automatic brain tumour segmentation using fully convolution network and transfer learning
S Alkassar, MAM Abdullah, BA Jebur
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Speaker Verification Using Cosine Distance Scoring with I-vector Approach
MTS Al-Kaltakchi, RR Al-Nima, M Alfathe, MAM Abdullah
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Wavelet Transform-Multidisciplinary Applications
A Al-Ataby, W Al-Nuaimy, MAM Abdullah
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Efficient Noisy Sound-Event Mixture Classification Using Adaptive-Sparse Complex-Valued Matrix Factorization and OvsO SVM
P Parathai, N Tengtrairat, WL Woo, MAM Abdullah, G Rafiee, ...
Sensors 20 (16), 4368, 2020
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