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3-D, 40Ar 39Ar geochronology in the Paraná continental flood basalt province
K Stewart, S Turner, S Kelley, C Hawkesworth, L Kirstein, M Mantovani
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 143 (1-4), 95-109, 1996
Carboniferous-Permian rifting and magmatism in southern Scandinavia, the North Sea and northern Germany: a review.
ER Neumann, M Wilson, M Heeremans, EA Spencer, K Obst, ...
Permo-Carboniferous Magmatism and Rifting in Europe 223, 11-40, 2004
Erosion during extreme flood events dominates Holocene canyon evolution in northeast Iceland
ERC Baynes, M Attal, S Niedermann, LA Kirstein, AJ Dugmore, M Naylor
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112 (8), 2355-2360, 2015
Tectonic forcing of longitudinal valleys in the Himalaya: morphological analysis of the Ladakh Batholith, North India
SSR Jamieson, HD Sinclair, LA Kirstein, RS Purves
Geomorphology 58 (1-4), 49-65, 2004
Tectonic controls on magmatism associated with continental break-up: an example from the Paraná–Etendeka Province
CJ Hawkesworth, K Gallagher, L Kirstein, MSM Mantovani, DW Peate, ...
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 179 (2), 335-349, 2000
A rifted inside corner massif on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge at 5 S
TJ Reston, W Weinrebe, I Grevemeyer, ER Flueh, NC Mitchell, L Kirstein, ...
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 200 (3-4), 255-269, 2002
Early Cretaceous basaltic and rhyolitic magmatism in southern Uruguay associated with the opening of the South Atlantic
LA Kirstein, DW Peate, CJ Hawkesworth, SP Turner, C Harris, ...
Journal of Petrology 41 (9), 1413-1438, 2000
Picritic magmas and the Rum ultramafic complex, Scotland
BGJ Upton, AC Skovgaard, J McClurg, L Kirstein, M Cheadle, ...
Geological Magazine 139 (4), 437-452, 2002
Geodynamic controls on the contamination of Cenozoic arc magmas in the southern Central Andes: Insights from the O and Hf isotopic composition of zircon
RE Jones, LA Kirstein, SA Kasemann, B Dhuime, T Elliott, VD Litvak, ...
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 164, 386-402, 2015
Rapid early Miocene exhumation of the Ladakh batholith, western Himalaya
LA Kirstein, H Sinclair, FM Stuart, K Dobson
Geology 34 (12), 1049-1052, 2006
Temperature fluctuation of the Iceland mantle plume through time
HE Spice, JG Fitton, LA Kirstein
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 17 (2), 243-254, 2016
Protracted felsic magmatic activity associated with the opening of the South Atlantic
LA Kirstein, S Kelley, C Hawkesworth, S Turner, M Mantovani, J Wijbrans
Journal of the Geological Society 158 (4), 583-592, 2001
Linking changes in tectonic style with magmatism in northern Europe during the late Carboniferous to latest Permian
MJ Timmerman, M Heeremans, LA Kirstein, BT Larsen, ...
Tectonophysics 473 (3-4), 375-390, 2009
The role of changing geodynamics in the progressive contamination of Late Cretaceous to Late Miocene arc magmas in the southern Central Andes
RE Jones, LA Kirstein, SA Kasemann, VD Litvak, S Poma, RN Alonso, ...
Lithos 262, 169-191, 2016
The lithospheric mantle and lower crust–mantle relationships under Scotland: a xenolithic perspective
BGJ Upton, H Downes, LA Kirstein, C Bonadiman, PG Hill, T Ntaflos
Journal of the Geological Society 168 (4), 873-886, 2011
Pliocene onset of rapid exhumation in Taiwan during arc–continent collision: new insights from detrital thermochronometry
LA Kirstein, MG Fellin, SD Willett, A Carter, YG Chen, JI Garver, DC Lee
Basin Research 22 (3), 270-285, 2010
Cenozoic unroofing history of the Ladakh Batholith, western Himalaya, constrained by thermochronology and numerical modelling
LA Kirstein, JPT Foeken, P van Der Beek, FM Stuart, RJ Phillips
Journal of the Geological Society 166 (4), 667-678, 2009
New constraints on the timing of late Carboniferous-early Permian volcanism in the central North Sea
M Heeremans, MJ Timmerman, LA Kirstein, JI Faleide
Geological Society, London, Special Publications 223 (1), 177-193, 2004
Temporal variations in the influence of the subducting slab on Central Andean arc magmas: Evidence from boron isotope systematics
RE Jones, JCM De Hoog, LA Kirstein, SA Kasemann, R Hinton, T Elliott, ...
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 408, 390-401, 2014
River self-organisation inhibits discharge control on waterfall migration
ERC Baynes, D Lague, M Attal, A Gangloff, LA Kirstein, AJ Dugmore
Scientific reports 8 (1), 2444, 2018
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