Sebastian Adrian Popa
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Social media and political communication in the 2014 elections to the European Parliament
P Nulty, Y Theocharis, SA Popa, O Parnet, K Benoit
Electoral studies 44, 429-444, 2016
A bad workman blames his tweets: The consequences of citizens' uncivil Twitter use when interacting with party candidates
Y Theocharis, P Barberá, Z Fazekas, SA Popa, O Parnet
Journal of communication 66 (6), 1007-1031, 2016
European parliament election study 2014, voter study
H Schmitt, SB Hobolt, SA Popa, E Teperoglou
GESIS Data Archive, Cologne. ZA5160 Data file Version 1 (0), 2015
Does personalization increase turnout? Spitzenkandidaten in the 2014 European Parliament elections
H Schmitt, SB Hobolt, SA Popa
European Union Politics, 1-54, 2015
The Dynamics of Political Incivility on Twitter
Y Theocharis, P Barberá, Z Fazekas, SA Popa
Sage Open 10 (2), 2158244020919447, 2020
Responding to the crisis: Eurosceptic parties of the left and right and their changing position towards the European Union
D Braun, SA POPA, H Schmitt
European Journal of Political Research, 2019
This time it was different? The salience of the Spitzenkandidaten system among European parties
D Braun, SA Popa
West European Politics 41 (5), 1125-1145, 2018
Elite‐public interaction on twitter: EU issue expansion in the campaign
Z Fazekas, SA Popa, H Schmitt, P Barberá, Y Theocharis
European Journal of Political Research 60 (2), 376-396, 2021
The Reshaping of Political Conflict over Europe: From Pre-Maastricht to Post-Euro Crisis
C Schäfer, SA Popa, D Braun, H Schmitt
West European Politics, 2020
Informing the Public: How Party Communication Builds Opportunity Structures
SA Popa, Z Fazekas, D Braun, MM Leidecker-Sandmann
Political Communication 37 (3), 329-349, 2019
European Parliament election study 2014, Euromanifesto study
H Schmitt, D Braun, SA Popa, S Mikhaylov, F Dwinger
GESIS Data Archive, Cologne. ZA5162 data file version 1 (0), 2016
The Brexit deterrent? How member state exit shapes public support for the European Union
SB Hobolt, SA Popa, W Van der Brug, H Schmitt
European Union Politics 23 (1), 100-119, 2022
European Parliament Election Study 2019, Voter Study
H Schmitt, SB Hobolt, W van der Brug, SA Popa
GESIS Data Archive, Cologne. ZA7581 Data file Version 1.0.0, 2020
National but European? Visual manifestations of Europe in national parties’ Euromanifestos since 1979
SA Popa, D Dumitrescu
Party Politics 23 (5), 526-537, 2017
Polarizing without legitimizing: The effect of lead candidates’ campaigns on perceptions of the EU democracy
SA Popa, R Rohrschneider, H Schmitt
Electoral Studies, 2016
[Die Version 1.0. 0 der Datenbank von] European Parliament Election Study 2014, Euromanifesto Study
H Schmitt, D Braun, SA Popa, S Mikhaylov, F Dwinger
GESIS Data Archive, 2016
Theorizing sex differences in political knowledge: Insights from a twin study
RJ Hannagan, L Littvay, SA Popa
Politics & Gender 10 (1), 89-114, 2014
The Effect of Unemployment and Low-Quality Work Conditions on Work Values: Exploring the Experiences of Young Europeans
E Rainsford, W Maloney, SA Popa
The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science 682 (1), 2019
Validity of survey response propensity indicators: A behavior genetics approach
L Littvay, SA Popa, Z Fazekas
Social Science Quarterly 94 (2), 569-589, 2013
Political sophistication in Central and Eastern Europe: How can parties help?
SA Popa
Party Politics 21 (3), 440-455, 2015
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