Philip Davies
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Pyrolysis liquids and gases as alternative fuels in internal combustion engines–A review
AK Hossain, PA Davies
Renewable and sustainable energy reviews 21, 165-189, 2013
Plant oils as fuels for compression ignition engines: A technical review and life-cycle analysis
AK Hossain, PA Davies
Renewable energy 35 (1), 1-13, 2010
Effects of nanoparticle-enhanced phase change material (NPCM) on solar still productivity
DDW Rufuss, L Suganthi, S Iniyan, PA Davies
Journal of Cleaner Production 192, 9-29, 2018
Solar stills: A comprehensive review of designs, performance and material advances
DDW Rufuss, S Iniyan, L Suganthi, PA Davies
Renewable and sustainable energy reviews 63, 464-496, 2016
Evaluation of options for energy recovery from municipal solid waste in India using the hierarchical analytical network process
JD Nixon, PK Dey, SK Ghosh, PA Davies
Energy 59, 215-223, 2013
Reverse osmosis (RO) membrane desalination driven by wind and solar photovoltaic (PV) energy: State of the art and challenges for large-scale implementation
MT Mito, X Ma, H Albuflasa, PA Davies
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 112, 669-685, 2019
The feasibility of hybrid solar-biomass power plants in India
JD Nixon, PK Dey, PA Davies
Energy 46 (1), 541-554, 2012
Which is the best solar thermal collection technology for electricity generation in north-west India? Evaluation of options using the analytical hierarchy process
JD Nixon, PK Dey, PA Davies
Energy 35 (12), 5230-5240, 2010
A solar cooling system for greenhouse food production in hot climates
PA Davies
Solar energy 79 (6), 661-668, 2005
Removal of non-CO2 greenhouse gases by large-scale atmospheric solar photocatalysis
T Ming, P Davies, W Liu, S Caillol
Progress in Energy and Combustion Science 60, 68-96, 2017
Modelling and experimental verification of a solar-powered liquid desiccant cooling system for greenhouse food production in hot climates
G Lychnos, PA Davies
Energy 40 (1), 116-130, 2012
Experimental investigation of performance, emission and combustion characteristics of an indirect injection multi-cylinder CI engine fuelled by blends of de-inking sludge …
AK Hossain, M Ouadi, SU Siddiqui, Y Yang, J Brammer, A Hornung, ...
Fuel 105, 135-142, 2013
Wave-powered desalination: resource assessment and review of technology
PA Davies
Desalination 186 (1-3), 97-109, 2005
Complementary methods to investigate the development of clogging within a horizontal sub-surface flow tertiary treatment wetland
PR Knowles, P Griffin, PA Davies
Water research 44 (1), 320-330, 2010
A comparative assessment of waste incinerators in the UK
JD Nixon, DG Wright, PK Dey, SK Ghosh, PA Davies
Waste Management 33 (11), 2234-2244, 2013
The seawater greenhouse in the United Arab Emirates: Thermal modelling and evaluation of design options
PA Davies, C Paton
Desalination 173 (2), 103-111, 2005
Comparison of configurations for high-recovery inland desalination systems
T Qiu, PA Davies
Water 4 (3), 690-706, 2012
Cost-exergy optimisation of linear Fresnel reflectors
JD Nixon, PA Davies
Solar Energy 86 (1), 147-156, 2012
Comparative study of reaction kinetics in membrane and agarose bead affinity systems
M Unarska, PA Davies, MP Esnouf, BJ Bellhouse
Journal of chromatography A 519 (1), 53-67, 1990
Solar thermophotovoltaics: brief review and a new look
PA Davies, A Luque
Solar energy materials and solar cells 33 (1), 11-22, 1994
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