T.E. LaRow
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Improved weather and seasonal climate forecasts from multimodel superensemble
TN Krishnamurti, CM Kishtawal, TE LaRow, DR Bachiochi, Z Zhang, ...
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S Cocke, TE LaRow
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Characteristics of tropical cyclones in high‐resolution models in the present climate
DA Shaevitz, SJ Camargo, AH Sobel, JA Jonas, D Kim, A Kumar, ...
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TN Krishnamurti, K Rajendran, TSV Vijaya Kumar, S Lord, Z Toth, X Zou, ...
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H Wang, L Long, A Kumar, W Wang, JKE Schemm, M Zhao, GA Vecchi, ...
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TE LaRow, L Stefanova, DW Shin, S Cocke
Geophysical Research Letters 37 (2), 2010
The role of an advanced land model in seasonal dynamical downscaling for crop model application
DW Shin, JG Bellow, TE LaRow, S Cocke, JJ O'Brien
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JT Schoof, DW Shin, S Cocke, TE LaRow, YK Lim, JJ O'Brien
International Journal of Climatology: A Journal of the Royal Meteorological …, 2009
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YK Lim, DW Shin, S Cocke, TE LaRow, JT Schoof, JJ O'Brien, ...
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Assessing maize and peanut yield simulations with various seasonal climate data in the southeastern United States
DW Shin, GA Baigorria, YK Lim, S Cocke, TE LaRow, JJ O’Brien, ...
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Coupled atmosphere–ocean modeling of the El Niño of 1997–98
TN Krishnamurti, D Bachiochi, T LaRow, B Jha, M Tewari, ...
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Seasonal rainfall predictions over the southeast United States using the Florida State University nested regional spectral model
S Cocke, TE LaRow, DW Shin
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Initial conditions and ENSO prediction using a coupled ocean‐atmosphere model
TE LaRow, TN Krishnamurti
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Observed versus GCM-generated local tropical cyclone frequency: Comparisons using a spatial lattice
S Strazzo, JB Elsner, T LaRow, DJ Halperin, M Zhao
Journal of climate 26 (21), 8257-8268, 2013
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