Andrew D Gaudet
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Wallerian degeneration: gaining perspective on inflammatory events after peripheral nerve injury
AD Gaudet, PG Popovich, MS Ramer
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MicroRNAs: roles in regulating neuroinflammation
AD Gaudet, LK Fonken, LR Watkins, RJ Nelson, PG Popovich
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AD Gaudet, PG Popovich
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Glial cells shape pathology and repair after spinal cord injury
AD Gaudet, LK Fonken
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Control of the inflammatory macrophage transcriptional signature by miR-155
KA Jablonski, AD Gaudet, SA Amici, PG Popovich, M Guerau-de-Arellano
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Small-group learning in an upper-level university biology class enhances academic performance and student attitudes toward group work
AD Gaudet, LM Ramer, J Nakonechny, JJ Cragg, MS Ramer
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Nitroxidative signaling mechanisms in pathological pain
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miR-155 deletion in female mice prevents diet-induced obesity
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Neuroinflammatory priming to stress is differentially regulated in male and female rats
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miR-155 deletion in mice overcomes neuron-intrinsic and neuron-extrinsic barriers to spinal cord repair
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Pain 114 (1-2), 7-18, 2005
Exploring acute-to-chronic neuropathic pain in rats after contusion spinal cord injury
AD Gaudet, MT Ayala, WE Schleicher, EJ Smith, EM Bateman, SF Maier, ...
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Regulation of neuronal and glial galectin-1 expression by peripheral and central axotomy of rat primary afferent neurons
J McGraw, AD Gaudet, LW Oschipok, T Kadoya, H Horie, JD Steeves, ...
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Spinal cord injury in rats disrupts the circadian system
AD Gaudet, LK Fonken, MT Ayala, EM Bateman, WE Schleicher, EJ Smith, ...
eneuro 5 (6), 2018
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