Jonathan D. Giebel
Jonathan D. Giebel
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Cytowane przez
Widespread lateral gene transfer from intracellular bacteria to multicellular eukaryotes
JCD Hotopp, ME Clark, DCSG Oliveira, JM Foster, P Fischer, MCM Torres, ...
Science 317 (5845), 1753-1756, 2007
A Role for Acp29AB, a Predicted Seminal Fluid Lectin, in Female Sperm Storage in Drosophila melanogaster
A Wong, SN Albright, JD Giebel, KR Ram, S Ji, AC Fiumera, MF Wolfner
Genetics 180 (2), 921-931, 2008
Identification and characterization of the doublesex gene of Nasonia
DCSG Oliveira, JH Werren, EC Verhulst, JD Giebel, A Kamping, ...
Insect molecular biology 18 (3), 315-324, 2009
Toxoplasma gondii cathepsin L is the primary target of the invasion-inhibitory compound morpholinurea-leucyl-homophenyl-vinyl sulfone phenyl
ET Larson, F Parussini, MH Huynh, JD Giebel, AM Kelley, L Zhang, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 284 (39), 26839-26850, 2009
The Germination-Specific Lytic Enzymes SleB, CwlJ1, and CwlJ2 Each Contribute to Bacillus anthracis Spore Germination and Virulence
JD Giebel, KA Carr, EC Anderson, PC Hanna
Journal of bacteriology 191 (18), 5569-5576, 2009
Non-Coding Changes Cause Sex-Specific Wing Size Differences between Closely Related Species of Nasonia
DW Loehlin, DCSG Oliveira, R Edwards, JD Giebel, ME Clark, MV Cattani, ...
PLoS genetics 6 (1), e1000821, 2010
Larval RNAi in Nasonia (parasitoid wasp)
JH Werren, DW Loehlin, JD Giebel
Cold Spring Harbor Protocols 2009 (10), pdb. prot5311, 2009
Anthrax Spore Germination
N Fisher, KA Carr, JD Giebel, PC Hanna
Bacillus anthracis and Anthrax, 39-51, 2010
Germination of Bacillus anthracis spores
JD Giebel, KA Carr, PC Hanna
Abel-Santos, E, 2012
Wing size evolution by noncoding changes at doublesex
JH Werren, DW Loehlin, DCSG Oliveira, JD Giebel, ME Clark, ...
Science (in review), 2009
Mechanisms of Bacillus anthracis spore cortex degradation.
JD Giebel
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