Jiahuan Pei
Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Pre-trained Language Models in Biomedical Domain: A Systematic Survey
B Wang, Q Xie, J Pei, P Tiwari, Z Li, J Fu
Computing Surveys, 2023
A Modular Task-oriented Dialogue System Using a Neural Mixture-of-Experts
J Pei, P Ren, M de Rijke
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A Cooperative Memory Network for Personalized Task-oriented Dialogue Systems with Incomplete User Profiles
J Pei, P Ren, M de Rijke
Proceedings of the 30th The Web Conference 2021 (WWW '21), 2021
Transformer Uncertainty Estimation with Hierarchical Stochastic Attention
J Pei, C Wang, G Szarvas
Proceedings of 36th AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 2021
Retrospective and Prospective Mixture-of-Generators for Task-oriented Dialogue Response Generation
J Pei, P Ren, C Monz, M de Rijke
Proceedings of the 24th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI …, 2020
Combining Word Embedding and Semantic Lexicon for Chinese Word Similarity Computation
J Pei, C Zhang, D Huang, J Ma
Natural Language Understanding and Intelligent Applications, 766-777, 2016
ReMeDi: Resources for Multi-domain, Multi-service, Medical Dialogues
G Yan, J Pei, P Ren, Z Chen, Z Ren, H Liang
Proceedings of the 45th International ACM SIGIR Conference (SIGIR '22), 2021
Incorporating Prior Knowledge into Word Embedding for Chinese Word Similarity Measurement
D Huang, J Pei, C Zhang, K Huang, J Ma
ACM Transactions on Asian and Low-Resource Language Information Processing …, 2018
SEntNet: Source-aware Recurrent Entity Network for Dialogue Response Selection
J Pei, A Stienstra, J Kiseleva, M de Rijke
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Syntactic Parsing of Clause Constituents for Statistical Machine Translation
J Ma, J Pei, D Huang, D Song
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Identification of English Functional Noun Phrases by CRFs and the Semantic Information
J Ma, J Pei, D Huang
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Semantic Graph Optimization Algorithm Based Chinese Microblog Opinion Summarization
C Zhang, J Pei, K Huang, D Huang, Z Yin
Journal of Shandong University 52 (7), 59-65, 2017
DUT-NLP-CH@ NTCIR-12 Temporalia Temporal Intent Disambiguation Subtask
J Pei, D Huang, J Ma, D Song, L Sang
Intent-calibrated Self-training for Answer Selection in Open-domain Dialogues
W Deng, J Pei, Z Ren, Z Chen, P Ren
Transactions of the Association for Computational Linguistics (TACL), 2023
Learning Embeddings to Represent Information Retrieval Systems
J Pei, D Bollegala, O Zaidan
AMLC 2022 Deep Metric Learning and Semantic Similarity Search Workshop, 1-8, 2022
Collaborative Agents for Task-oriented Dialogue Systems (Doctoral Thesis)
J Pei
Research on Chinese Word Semantic Similarity Computation (Master's Thesis)
J Pei
Dalian University of Technology, 2017
Chinese Functional Maximal-length Noun Phrase Recognition (Bachelor's Thesis)
J Pei
Dalian Maritime University, 2014
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