Sven G. Bilén
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Cytowane przez
Developing and assessing students' entrepreneurial skills and mind‐set
SG Bilén, EC Kisenwether, SE Rzasa, JC Wise
Journal of Engineering Education 94 (2), 233-243, 2005
Secure blockchains for dynamic spectrum access: A decentralized database in moving cognitive radio networks enhances security and user access
K Kotobi, SG Bilen
ieee vehicular technology magazine 13 (1), 32-39, 2018
Multiobjective reinforcement learning for cognitive satellite communications using deep neural network ensembles
PVR Ferreira, R Paffenroth, AM Wyglinski, TM Hackett, SG Bilén, ...
IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications 36 (5), 1030-1041, 2018
Blockchain-enabled spectrum access in cognitive radio networks
K Kotobi, SG Bilén
2017 Wireless Telecommunications Symposium (WTS), 1-6, 2017
On a truthful mechanism for expiring spectrum sharing in cognitive radio networks
S Sodagari, A Attar, SG Bilen
IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications 29 (4), 856-865, 2011
Software-defined radio: a new paradigm for integrated curriculum delivery
SG Bilén, AM Wyglinski, CR Anderson, T Cooklev, C Dietrich, ...
IEEE Communications Magazine 52 (5), 184-193, 2014
Increasing the veracity of event detection on social media networks through user trust modeling
T Bodnar, C Tucker, K Hopkinson, SG Bilén
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Integrated design: What knowledge is of most worth in engineering design education?
R Devon, S Bilén, A McKay, A De Pennington, P Serrafero, JS Sierra
International Journal of Engineering Education 20 (3), 424-432, 2004
Core curriculum and methods in teaching global product development
SG Bilén, RF Devon, GE Okudan
International Conference on Engineering Education, 1-6, 2002
Enhanced electrodynamic tether currents due to electron emission from a neutral gas discharge: Results from the TSS‐1R Mission
BE Gilchrist, C Bonifazi, SG Bilen, WJ Raitt, WJ Burke, NH Stone, ...
Geophysical research letters 25 (4), 437-440, 1998
Cognitive style and concept mapping performance
KW Jablokow, JF DeFranco, SS Richmond, MJ Piovoso, SG Bilén
Journal of Engineering Education 104 (3), 303-325, 2015
Data-throughput enhancement using data mining-informed cognitive radio
K Kotobi, PB Mainwaring, CS Tucker, SG Bilen
Electronics 4 (2), 221-238, 2015
The relevance of systems thinking in the quest for multifinal social enterprises
R Dzombak, C Mehta, K Mehta, SG Bilén
Systemic Practice and Action Research 27 (6), 593-606, 2014
Multi-objective reinforcement learning-based deep neural networks for cognitive space communications
PVR Ferreira, R Paffenroth, AM Wyglinski, TM Hackett, SG Bilén, ...
2017 Cognitive Communications for Aerospace Applications Workshop (CCAA), 1-8, 2017
Real-time network node location system and method
EJ Davidson, SG Bilén, DR Weiss, NE Platt, ED Weir
US Patent 8,311,558, 2012
Denial of service attacks in cognitive radio networks through channel eviction triggering
S Sodagari, A Attar, VCM Leung, SG Bilén
2010 IEEE Global Telecommunications Conference GLOBECOM 2010, 1-5, 2010
The Turbopause experiment: atmospheric stability and turbulent structure spanning the turbopause altitude
GA Lehmacher, TD Scott, MF Larsen, SG Bilén, CL Croskey, JD Mitchell, ...
Annales Geophysicae 29 (12), 2327-2339, 2011
Electrodynamic tethers for energy harvesting and propulsion on space platforms
S Bilen, J McTernan, B Gilchrist, I Bell, N Voronka, R Hoyt
AIAA SPACE 2010 Conference & Exposition, 8844, 2010
Tablet PC use and impact on learning in technology and engineering classrooms: A preliminary study
SG Bilén, D Lee, JI Messner, HT Nguyen, TW Simpson, ...
Workshop on the Impact of Pen-Based Technology on Education, 11-19, 2009
Review of the proseds electrodynamic tether mission development
J Vaughn, L Curtis, B Gilchrist, S Bilen, E Lorenzini
40th AIAA/ASME/SAE/ASEE Joint Propulsion Conference and Exhibit, 3501, 2004
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