Robert C Pullar
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Hexagonal ferrites: A review of the synthesis, properties and applications of hexaferrite ceramics
RC Pullar
Progress in Materials Science 57 (7), 1191-1334, 2012
Magnetic properties of nanocrystalline CoFe2O4 powders prepared at room temperature: variation with crystallite size
M Rajendran, RC Pullar, AK Bhattacharya, D Das, SN Chintalapudi, ...
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 232 (1), 71-83, 2001
MgWO4, ZnWO4, NiWO4 and CoWO4 microwave dielectric ceramics
RC Pullar, S Farrah, NMN Alford
Journal of the European Ceramic Society 27 (2-3), 1059-1063, 2007
Geopolymer foams: An overview of recent advancements
RM Novais, RC Pullar, JA Labrincha
Progress in Materials Science 109, 100621, 2020
A mechanism for low-temperature sintering
M Valant, D Suvorov, RC Pullar, K Sarma, NMN Alford
Journal of the European Ceramic Society 26 (13), 2777-2783, 2006
Dielectric loss caused by oxygen vacancies in titania ceramics
RC Pullar, SJ Penn, X Wang, IM Reaney, NMN Alford
Journal of the European ceramic society 29 (3), 419-424, 2009
Characterization and microwave dielectric properties of M2+Nb2O6 ceramics
RC Pullar, JD Breeze, NMN Alford
Journal of the American Ceramic Society 88 (9), 2466-2471, 2005
The synthesis, properties, and applications of columbite niobates (M2+Nb2O6): a critical review
RC Pullar
Journal of the American Ceramic Society 92 (3), 563-577, 2009
Extraction and characterisation of apatite-and tricalcium phosphate-based materials from cod fish bones
C Piccirillo, MF Silva, RC Pullar, IB Da Cruz, R Jorge, MME Pintado, ...
Materials Science and Engineering: C 33 (1), 103-110, 2013
Oxygen vacancies, the optical band gap (Eg) and photocatalysis of hydroxyapatite: Comparing modelling with measured data
VS Bystrov, C Piccirillo, DM Tobaldi, PML Castro, J Coutinho, S Kopyl, ...
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 196, 100-107, 2016
Synthesis of porous biomass fly ash-based geopolymer spheres for efficient removal of methylene blue from wastewaters
RM Novais, J Carvalheiras, DM Tobaldi, MP Seabra, RC Pullar, ...
Journal of cleaner production 207, 350-362, 2019
Extremely fast and efficient methylene blue adsorption using eco-friendly cork and paper waste-based activated carbon adsorbents
RM Novais, APF Caetano, MP Seabra, JA Labrincha, RC Pullar
Journal of cleaner production 197, 1137-1147, 2018
Effect of doping on the dielectric properties of cerium oxide in the microwave and far-infrared frequency range
NI Santha, MT Sebastian, P Mohanan, NMN Alford, K Sarma, RC Pullar, ...
Journal of the American Ceramic Society 87 (7), 1233-1237, 2004
Influence of Mg substitution on structural, magnetic and dielectric properties of X-type bariumzinc hexaferrites Ba2Zn2-xMgxFe28O46
AR Kagdi, NP Solanki, FE Carvalho, SS Meena, P Bhatt, RC Pullar, ...
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 741, 377-391, 2018
Pt-decorated In2O3 nanoparticles and their ability as a highly sensitive (< 10 ppb) acetone sensor for biomedical applications
M Karmaoui, SG Leonardi, M Latino, DM Tobaldi, N Donato, RC Pullar, ...
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 230, 697-705, 2016
Molecular modeling of the piezoelectric effect in the ferroelectric polymer poly (vinylidene fluoride)(PVDF)
VS Bystrov, EV Paramonova, IK Bdikin, AV Bystrova, RC Pullar, ...
Journal of molecular modeling 19, 3591-3602, 2013
Fully quantitative X-ray characterisation of Evonik Aeroxide TiO2 P25®
DM Tobaldi, RC Pullar, MP Seabra, JA Labrincha
Materials Letters 122, 345-347, 2014
Bacteria immobilisation on hydroxyapatite surface for heavy metals removal
C Piccirillo, SIA Pereira, A Marques, RC Pullar, DM Tobaldi, ME Pintado, ...
Journal of environmental management 121, 87-95, 2013
Sol–gel synthesis, characterisation and photocatalytic activity of pure, W-, Ag-and W/Ag co-doped TiO2 nanopowders
DM Tobaldi, RC Pullar, AF Gualtieri, MP Seabra, JA Labrincha
Chemical engineering journal 214, 364-375, 2013
The manufacture, characterisation and microwave properties of aligned M ferrite fibres
RC Pullar, SG Appleton, AK Bhattacharya
Journal of magnetism and magnetic materials 186 (3), 326-332, 1998
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