Alfredo Boldrin
Alfredo Boldrin
Institute of Marine Sciences - Venice - CNR
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Microplastic particles in sediments of Lagoon of Venice, Italy: First observations on occurrence, spatial patterns and identification
A Vianello, A Boldrin, P Guerriero, V Moschino, R Rella, A Sturaro, ...
Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 130, 54-61, 2013
Can plankton communities be considered as bio-indicators of water quality in the Lagoon of Venice?
F Bianchi, F Acri, FB Aubry, A Berton, A Boldrin, E Camatti, D Cassin, ...
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M Turchetto, A Boldrin, L Langone, S Miserocchi, T Tesi, F Foglini
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Deep-sea meiofauna communities in Antarctica: structural analysis and relation with the environment
S Vanhove, J Wittoeck, G Desmet, B Van den Berghe, RL Herman, ...
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Effects of bora wind on physical and biogeochemical properties of stratified waters in the northern Adriatic
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Po River plume on the Adriatic continental shelf: dispersion and sedimentation of dissolved and suspended matter during different river discharge rates
A Boldrin, L Langone, S Miserocchi, M Turchetto, F Acri
Marine Geology 222, 135-158, 2005
Phytoplankton distribution in relation to sea ice, hydrography and nutrients in the northwestern Weddell Sea in early spring 1988 during EPOS
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A Vianello, L Da Ros, A Boldrin, T Marceta, V Moschino
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Source and composition of organic matter in the Bari canyon (Italy): dense water cascading versus particulate export from the upper ocean
T Tesi, L Langone, MA Goni, M Turchetto, S Miserocchi, A Boldrin
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A Boldrin, G Bortoluzzi, F Frascari, S Guerzoni, S Rabitti
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Floc fraction in the waters of the Po River prodelta
JM Fox, PS Hill, TG Milligan, AS Ogston, A Boldrin
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Downward fluxes of particulate carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus in the north-western Adriatic Sea
M Giani, A Boldrin, G Matteucci, F Frascari, M Gismondi, S Rabitti
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Flood-driven transport of sediment, particulate organic matter, and nutrients from the Po River watershed to the Mediterranean Sea
T Tesi, S Miserocchi, F Acri, L Langone, A Boldrin, JA Hatten, S Albertazzi
Journal of Hydrology 498, 144-152, 2013
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