David J. Beale
David J. Beale
Environmental Systems Biology, CSIRO
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Cytowane przez
Towards sustainable urban water management: A critical reassessment
DR Marlow, M Moglia, S Cook, DJ Beale
Water research 47 (20), 7150-7161, 2013
Systems biology and multi-omics integration: viewpoints from the metabolomics research community
FR Pinu, DJ Beale, AM Paten, K Kouremenos, S Swarup, HJ Schirra, ...
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Current and future perspectives on the structural identification of small molecules in biological systems
DA Dias, OAH Jones, DJ Beale, BA Boughton, D Benheim, ...
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B Hughes, DJ Beale, PG Dennis, S Cook, W Ahmed
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Rapid identification and source-tracking of Listeria monocytogenes using MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry
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DJ Beale, AV Karpe, W Ahmed
Microbial metabolomics: Applications in clinical, environmental, and …, 2016
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R Vemuri, T Shinde, R Gundamaraju, SV Gondalia, AV Karpe, DJ Beale, ...
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T Shinde, AP Perera, R Vemuri, SV Gondalia, AV Karpe, DJ Beale, ...
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Chemometric analysis of lavender essential oils using targeted and untargeted GC-MS acquired data for the rapid identification and characterization of oil quality
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Synbiotic supplementation with prebiotic green banana resistant starch and probiotic Bacillus coagulans spores ameliorates gut inflammation in mouse model of …
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W Ahmed, Q Zhang, S Kozak, D Beale, P Gyawali, MJ Sadowsky, ...
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DR Marlow, F Boulaire, DJ Beale, C Grundy, M Moglia
Journal of Infrastructure Systems 17 (1), 42-51, 2011
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