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Christoph Zinner
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Cytowane przez
High-intensity interval training improves VO2peak, maximal lactate accumulation, time trial and competition performance in 9–11-year-old swimmers
B Sperlich, C Zinner, I Heilemann, PL Kjendlie, HC Holmberg, J Mester
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Low energy availability in exercising men is associated with reduced leptin and insulin but not with changes in other metabolic hormones
K Koehler, NR Hoerner, JC Gibbs, C Zinner, H Braun, MJ De Souza, ...
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Biomechanical, cardiorespiratory, metabolic and perceived responses to electrically assisted cycling
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The physiological mechanisms of performance enhancement with sprint interval training differ between the upper and lower extremities in humans
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Factors that influence the performance of elite sprint cross-country skiers
K Hébert-Losier, C Zinner, S Platt, T Stöggl, HC Holmberg
Sports medicine 47, 319-342, 2017
Functional high-intensity circuit training improves body composition, peak oxygen uptake, strength, and alters certain dimensions of quality of life in overweight women
B Sperlich, B Wallmann-Sperlich, C Zinner, V Von Stauffenberg, H Losert, ...
Frontiers in physiology 8, 172, 2017
High-intensity sprint training inhibits mitochondrial respiration through aconitase inactivation
FJ Larsen, TA Schiffer, N Ørtenblad, C Zinner, D Morales-Alamo, SJ Willis, ...
The FASEB Journal 30 (1), 417-427, 2016
Effects of coping-related traits and psychophysiological stress responses on police recruits’ shooting behavior in reality-based scenarios
L Giessing, MO Frenkel, C Zinner, J Rummel, A Nieuwenhuys, C Kasperk, ...
Frontiers in psychology 10, 1523, 2019
Post‐exercise recovery of contractile function and endurance in humans and mice is accelerated by heating and slowed by cooling skeletal muscle
AJ Cheng, SJ Willis, C Zinner, T Chaillou, N Ivarsson, N Ørtenblad, ...
The Journal of physiology 595 (24), 7413-7426, 2017
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Effects of basketball-specific high-intensity interval training on aerobic performance and physical capacities in youth female basketball players
PF Aschendorf, C Zinner, A Delextrat, E Engelmeyer, J Mester
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Multi-directional sprint training improves change-of-direction speed and reactive agility in young highly trained soccer players
DP Born, C Zinner, P Düking, B Sperlich
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Passive recovery is superior to active recovery during a high-intensity shock microcycle
P Wahl, C Zinner, C Grosskopf, R Rossmann, W Bloch, J Mester
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Table tennis: Cardiorespiratory and metabolic analysis of match and exercise in elite junior national players
B Sperlich, K Koehler, HC Holmberg, C Zinner, J Mester
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Marathon running: Physiology, psychology, nutrition and training aspects
C Zinner, B Sperlich
Springer, 2016
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