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Sandro Moretti
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Permanent Scatterers for landslide investigations: outcomes from the ESA-SLAM project
P Farina, D Colombo, A Fumagalli, F Marks, S Moretti
Engineering geology 88 (3-4), 200-217, 2006
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F Catani, P Farina, S Moretti, G Nico, T Strozzi
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A Ciampalini, F Bardi, S Bianchini, W Frodella, C Del Ventisette, S Moretti, ...
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A typical “calanchi” landscape on the Eastern Apennine margin (Atri, Central Italy): geomorphological features and evolution
S Moretti, G Rodolfi
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S Segoni, D Lagomarsino, R Fanti, S Moretti, N Casagli
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S Bianchini, G Herrera, RM Mateos, D Notti, I Garcia, O Mora, S Moretti
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Gully erosion modelling and landscape response in the Mbuluzi River catchment of Swaziland
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F Ardizzone, G Basile, M Cardinali, N Casagli, S Del Conte, ...
Journal of Maps 8 (2), 176-180, 2012
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