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Jonathan Hodges
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Cytowane przez
Nanoscale magnetic sensing with an individual electronic spin in diamond
JR Maze, PL Stanwix, JS Hodges, S Hong, JM Taylor, P Cappellaro, ...
Nature 455 (7213), 644-647, 2008
Robust decoupling techniques to extend quantum coherence in diamond
CA Ryan, JS Hodges, DG Cory
Physical Review Letters 105 (20), 200402, 2010
Repetitive readout of a single electronic spin via quantum logic with nuclear spin ancillae
L Jiang, JS Hodges, JR Maze, P Maurer, JM Taylor, DG Cory, ...
Science 326 (5950), 267-272, 2009
Far-field optical imaging and manipulation of individual spins with nanoscale resolution
PC Maurer, JR Maze, PL Stanwix, L Jiang, AV Gorshkov, AA Zibrov, ...
Nature Physics 6 (11), 912-918, 2010
Coherence and control of quantum registers based on electronic spin in a nuclear spin bath
P Cappellaro, L Jiang, JS Hodges, MD Lukin
Physical review letters 102 (21), 210502, 2009
Universal control of nuclear spins via anisotropic hyperfine interactions
JS Hodges, JC Yang, C Ramanathan, DG Cory
Physical Review A 78 (1), 010303, 2008
Implementation of universal control on a decoherence-free qubit
EM Fortunato, L Viola, J Hodges, G Teklemariam, DG Cory
New Journal of Physics 4 (1), 5, 2002
Environment-assisted precision measurement
G Goldstein, P Cappellaro, JR Maze, JS Hodges, L Jiang, AS Sørensen, ...
Physical review letters 106 (14), 140502, 2011
Imaging mesoscopic nuclear spin noise with a diamond magnetometer
CA Meriles, L Jiang, G Goldstein, JS Hodges, J Maze, MD Lukin, ...
The Journal of chemical physics 133 (12), 2010
Single-color centers implanted in diamond nanostructures
BJM Hausmann, TM Babinec, JT Choy, JS Hodges, S Hong, I Bulu, ...
New Journal of Physics 13 (4), 045004, 2011
Nitrogen-vacancy-assisted magnetometry of paramagnetic centers in an individual diamond nanocrystal
A Laraoui, JS Hodges, CA Meriles
Nano letters 12 (7), 3477-3482, 2012
Timekeeping with electron spin states in diamond
JS Hodges, NY Yao, D Maclaurin, C Rastogi, MD Lukin, D Englund
Physical Review A 87 (3), 032118, 2013
High-precision GHZ clock generation using spin states in diamond
DR Englund, J Hodges, MD Lukin, NY Yao
US Patent 9,385,654, 2016
Magnetometry of random ac magnetic fields using a single nitrogen-vacancy center
A Laraoui, JS Hodges, CA Meriles
Applied Physics Letters 97 (14), 2010
Principles of control for decoherence-free subsystems
P Cappellaro, JS Hodges, TF Havel, DG Cory
The Journal of chemical physics 125 (4), 2006
Long-lived NV− spin coherence in high-purity diamond membranes
JS Hodges, L Li, M Lu, EH Chen, ME Trusheim, S Allegri, X Yao, ...
New Journal of Physics 14 (9), 093004, 2012
Diamond nitrogen-vacancy center as a probe of random fluctuations in a nuclear spin ensemble
A Laraoui, JS Hodges, CA Ryan, CA Meriles
Physical Review B 84 (10), 104301, 2011
Techniques for fabricating diamond nanostructures
O Gaathon, DR Englund, J Hodges, LI Luozhou, M Trushem
US Patent App. 14/841,922, 2016
Quantum information processing using nuclear and electron magnetic resonance: review and prospects
J Baugh, J Chamilliard, CM Chandrashekar, M Ditty, A Hubbard, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:0710.1447, 2007
Environment-assisted metrology with spin qubits
P Cappellaro, G Goldstein, JS Hodges, L Jiang, JR Maze, AS Sørensen, ...
Physical Review A 85 (3), 032336, 2012
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